Akkadian detail stunning new video & more!

Emerging Brit metallers, AKKADIAN, combine edgy punishing riffs, spiked with groove laden hypnotic undertones to stunning effect. The formidable quintet have just unleashed their exhilarating new single & video, Agenda –  https://youtu.be/fqytOomc1EQ

Born in 2018 and hailing from Cambridge, AKKADIAN pull from a collection of sturdy influences ranging from Gojira, Lamb of God, Tool and Slipknot. With a strong affiliation for monstrous riffs and intriguing metal, AKKADIAN also have an acute fascination with inter-dimensional space travel and ancient history, with the band’s moniker being derived from the Mesopotamian Empire.

To date, AKKADIAN have dropped the singles Black Sand and Emanation, and now their newest single, Agenda, which is a pummeling slice of cutting-edge metal. Vocalist Danny Thurston remarks about the track “We wanted a fast, hard-hitting, groovy song with a big psychedelic theme that takes you on a journey through time and space. The track musically was influenced by bands such as Gojira and Tool. But the video itself was just something we wanted to visually grab people the second they see it.

The band have already amassed a strong live reputation by frequenting venues throughout the South. AKKADIAN had a glut of tours booked and thwarted in 2020; the bulk of these dates, however, will be scheduled for later this year and into 2022. The rising heavyweights also have an album’s worth of material waiting in the wings, and with further singles on the horizon, the burly metal crew are set to make their mark.





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