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On 27 March 2014
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a brilliant showcase of the differing styles of rock

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This new E.P. ‘Masters Of Reality’ follows on from the excellent December 2013 debut album release ‘Omega’. Made up of only four tracks, but the guys of Afterlife have packed into this CD a brilliant showcase of the differing styles of rock they are the masters of (really)!

The first song on the E.P. is ‘ Masters Of Reality ‘ taken from the recently released Omega album.  Full with the heavy riffs that are the trademark of Afterlife, this song seems to speak about the power the few have over what the majority the masses hear, see and are allowed to think!  There’s a lot of complicated guitar and drum work going on here, but it’s all made to sound so easy which just shows how pro these guys really are. After seeing them play live in Nottingham (Rock City) last year, you too should really make the effort to go and see them play live. They will not disappoint!!!!

Get ready and turn up the volume on this the second song called ‘300‘. Starting off with the speech by King Leonidas, who leads 300 Spartans into battle against the Persian ‘god-king’ Xerxes. It captures the whole mood of the moment in an inspired way, the heavy low down riffs from Steve Reilly (bass) and Iain Stratton (Drums) boom out from the speakers while Pete’s McCoy’s vocals were just made for this song. Lead guitarist Al Reilly accompanied by Stewart ‘Raggy’ Brown bring together the awesome sound and harmony’s on a what’s got to be a future classic rock hit. Impressed ain’t the word, more like, hypnotized by brilliance!

Never Fade‘ is a full acoustic live version of the original song. Either way, it’s still a good track and I personally like both the  versions. Track four and the final song calms down the mood just a little with ‘The Answer‘ yet another really great song, more along the lines of a rock ballad. Again Pete McCoy excels with some brilliant harmony’s that had me convinced he’d had a back up singer helping out! But no, all the vocals on this song are totally all the real McCoy. A good song with a mix of an acoustic solo start which leads into an electric haven of gentle riffs taking you on a tale of lost and now unwanted love attentions.

All together a pretty good mix of four songs from the last two albums, and put together in a kind of sampler style E.P. for those who wish to first dip their toe in the ocean that is AFTERLIFE.

Band Members:
Pete McCoy – Vocals
Al Reilly – Lead Guitar
Steve JD Reilly – Bass
Stewart ‘Raggy’ Brown – Guitar
Iain Stratton – Drums

Afterlife  masters-of-reality-e-pTrack List:
1. Masters of Reality*
2. 300 (2014 Remix)
3. Never Fade (Live & Acoustic)
4. The Answer (2012 Demo Vesion)

*OMEGA album version . All songs by Afterlife

UK Tour – March 2014
Fri 28 Mar                Newcastle, Think Tank.
Sun 30 Mar             Glasgow, Cathouse.

Tickets available from all usual outlets


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a brilliant showcase of the differing styles of rock

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