Abinaya – Corps


This second album from France’s Abinaya – their name is Sanskrit for ‘passing on’ – definitely lives up to its conjunctive title, for it most definitely is a ‘Corps’ of work that should be passed on.

The problems start early on, with the apologetic Algerian drum line on the opening, title track, (reprised on the extremely lightweight SOAD copycat/rip-off that is the closer) and from then on this is just, simply, one of the most boring albums it has been my displeasure to endure for quite some time.

Yeah, the musicians are great, in their individual capacities, but good rock albums need much more than a series of good individual performances welded onto a single piece of tape: unfortunately, Abinaya don’t pull this basic trick off… not by a country mile.


Track list:
1. Corps
2. Enfant d’Orient
3. L’Homme Libre
4. Regarder Le Ciel
5. Algo Mas (Quelque Chose De Plus)
6. Les Labels
7. Testament
8. Les Chars De Police
9. Partir Puis Revenir
10. La Mort Des Amants
11. Résiste

‘Corps’ is out now on Label Brennus: http://www.brennus-music.com/boutique/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=&product_id=4513

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