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On 22 January 2014
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Sweden's Hardcore quintet release a follow up album to shake your foundations

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Sweden’s exceptionally impressive hardcore five piece return with the follow up to their debut, released not far off a couple of years ago now. Good though that initial dip into the musical ocean was, this beauty inflates the dinghy, starts up the outboard motor, and powers over the horizon, probably killing the odd Shark along the way.

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I don’t like comparing bands output to others but in this case I will just say In Flames, a comment not made to infer a sound alike, copycat vibe at all, indeed, if anything, I find Patrick Stenborg’s vocal prowess infinitely stronger, raging as it does, with ghetto, gangland aggression, that just stops you in your tracks but there are subtle musical similarities here and there throughout the album.

For me, the title track is the pick of a very very good bunch of tracks. A track that is both aggressive and superbly structured, shifting pace at ease, thereby keeping the listener on their toes. I can not quote a bad track on the album, from the riff overload of ’Gone’ to the majestic ’Still Commanding’, the whole thing smacks of quality, and that’s not something that can be said of all the current releases in this often, saturated genre.

Whether the band are commercial enough to see this album break them onto the big stage remains to be seen but the hardcore purists amongst you should lap it up all day long. This promises to be a very exciting year for the band, with no doubt, a tour and festival slots on the horizon, so watch this space.

A Silent Escape are;

Patrick Stenborg – Vocals
Joel Nilsson – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Martin Karlsson – Bass
Eddie Hansla – Guitars
Per Qvarnström – Drums



‘Black Heart’ see’s it’s release through all major stores and outlets on January the 27th.


Sweden's Hardcore quintet release a follow up album to shake your foundations

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