A Million Miles – What’s Left Behind

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Whats Left Behind, the debut album from Hamburg based band A Million Miles is a very very impressive piece of work to say the least, containing 11 tracks of varying styles but with their own stamp firmly in place. The vocals of Mona Miluski give the band an edge similar to The Distillers and Human Waste Project as her delivery switches from a mighty roar to a whisper.

Formed in Hamburg in 2008 and releasing their 1st ep Left in 2009, Whats Left Behind will be out on Abandon Records via New Music Distribution on April 5th 2013.It is also available as a digital download from Amazon, iTunes and EMP. The album kicks off with Death And Beyond. Its melodic Dragonforce type intro makes way to a crunchy riff laden stomper with a barked/clean vocal from Mona. Other highlights include When Skies Fall Down, an uptempo hard rocker with scything riffs and a Thin Lizzyish dual guitar break midway with yet another passionate vocal. Seperation begins with drum patterns similar to Hellraiser by The Sweet as a soaring vocal dominates over jabbing guitar lines.

After a bluesy intro, A Letter For You goes into a Pearl Jam vibe with swathes of guitar over a soulful vocal. Hold is a drum driven headbanger with some fne commercial hooks midway. A Million Miles surges on a rolling guitar riff with touches of Big Country guitar harmonics and a tasty wah wah guitar solo with yet more impressive drums from Timo. Album title track follows with lung busting, pleading vocals over heavy riffing and twin lead guitar solos midway.

Walk All Night is mid tempo driven along by another classic heavy but commercial guitar riff with a sublime guitar solo at the 2 minute mark. Final track and my personal favourite is The End. Its dynamic, hard hitting rhythms compete with a vocal that brings to mind Patti Smith. A fine way to end the album!


A Million Miles band line up :-

Mona Miluski – Vocals.

Wilo – Guitar.

Shi – Guitar.

Finbar – Bass guitar.

Timo – Drums.                                                                                                                                                           A Million Miles_02 - photo © by Sven Ceder - Lux Eterna


Album track listing :-

Death And Beyond.


When Skies Fall Down.


Letter For You.


A Million Miles.

Whats Left Behind.


Walk All Night.

The End.

I award the album 9/10.

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