Supersuckers UK and European Tour Dates 2016

The mighty Supersuckers have lined up a European and UK tour, in the wake of rave reviews of their highly acclaimed new country – tinged studio album ‘Holdin’ The Bag’, released on Steamhammer / SPV at the end of January 2016.


The Supersuckers’ trademark balance of take-no-prisoners swagger and hardheaded introspection is reflected throughout ‘Holdin’ The Bag’. The album’s eleven songs find them in typically rocking form, while tapping deeply into the band’s longstanding affinity for country music, which has grown increasingly prominent in their output since 1997’s landmark ‘Must’ve Been High’ album. Check out the video for the title track here:-

Classic Rock’s Ken Mcintyre proclaimed ‘Holdin’ The Bag’ “A country record made by the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the world. And really, we should qualify country here. We’re talking Hank Williams and Johnny Cash here, not Taylor Swift. You know, the real stuff, vintage and dusty and lonesome on the trail. Head sucker Eddie Spaghetti is clearly in his element here, his gravelly delivery and aw-shucks persona the perfect foil for twangy, tears-in-your-beer numbers like ‘That’s How It Gets Done’ and ‘All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down.’ It’s not all drawls and pedal steel though. The Suckers kick up a decent amount of dust on rowdy rug-cutters like ‘Jibber-Jabber’ and ‘Let’s Bounce’. There is also a great, affecting duet with country-punk superstar Lydia Loveless.”


Don’t miss the chance to catch this awesome combo live when they fly in from the States to play the following gigs and festival:-


July 15th           DUBLIN – The Grand Social

July 16th           KILLARNEY – The Inec Acoustic Club

July 20th           BRISTOL – The Fleece

July 21st           MANCHESTER – Club Academy

July 23rd           LEEDS – Brudenell Social Club

July 24th           MAIDSTONE – Ramblin’ Man Fair


Since their 1992 Sub Pop debut, the Supersuckers have toured relentlessly, sharing stages around the world with Social Distortion, Bad Religion, The Ramones, Motörhead, Flogging Molly, Butthole Surfers, Reverend Horton Heat, New York Dolls, The Dwarves, White Zombie and Nashville Pussy. They have also recorded with Steve Earle, Eddie Vedder, Kelley Deal (The Breeders) and Willie Nelson, who they also backed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


Supersuckers signed to Steamhammer SPV in 2013 to release their ninth studio album, ‘Get The Hell’, in January 2014. Classic Rock’s Malcolm Dome reviewed the LP in March 2014’s issue, stating “Supersuckers’ infectiously groovy approach has always combined 50’s rock’n’roll high school naivety with Cheap Trick style 70s hard rock snap and biting punk energy. ‘Get The Hell’ carries on this tradition. Eddie Spaghetti and his gang want people to smirk as they hit the dance floor to ‘Something About You’, ‘Fuck Up’, ‘Bein’ Bad’ and ‘Rock On’. These have the same unpretentious thrust of the Wildhearts, Hellacopters and Turbonegro, but with the flavor of the Rocky Horror Show. Each song is a charming, fumble-in-the-back-seat anthem.”


After the band had finished recording ‘Holdin’ The Bag, Eddie was diagnosed with stage-3 throat cancer, forcing the group to cancel a planned European tour and put all their touring activities on temporary hold while he underwent surgery, radiation treatment and rehab. The band’s friends and fans stepped up in droves to lend support, raising over $57,000 to help pay for his treatment, moving Eddie to state that “It’s really humbling, and it’s great to know that so many people care.”


“If you don’t like ‘Holdin’ The Bag’, then you really don’t like the Supersuckers”, Eddie says. “I really feel like this and ‘Get The Hell’ are the best records we’ve ever made. I feel like, after 25 years, we’re finally getting the hang of this. We’re still that hungry little band that pictures itself being much bigger than it really is.”


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