Diatessaron to release live recording of Monument

Diatessaron is one of the most exciting new prog bands to be emerging in this generation. Progressive rock music is a genre that’s endlessly exciting, and with such a rich history behind it, it’s absolutely fantastic to see bands coming onto the scene today showcasing their own unique slants on it.
Diatessaron hail from Calgary, Canada, and in their few years together they have already got two international tours, two stunning albums and an EP under their belts. In the summer of 2015 they played the hugely popular Bloodstock Festival in England, and while touring around those dates they also had the opportunity to record a live version of their highly acclaimed album, Monument, at Monnow Valley Studios in Wales.
Monnow Valley Studios has a reputation for being one of the most famous studios in the country, if not the world. The like of Rush, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Queen and many more world-famous artists have graced the studio with their presence, and there’s an undeniable magic to the recordings made here.

Tired Moon recorded, mixed and mastered a live performance of Diatessaron’s Monument EP, and the results are absolutely stunning. Tired Moon is a company whose focus is capturing the magic of the unique live sounds of bands, and making it available to fans through their own website. The recording will be released on the 18th December exclusively through Tired Moon which can be found only at the link below– we can promise that you won’t be disappointed with what you hear!


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