Voodoo Sex Cult – A Year and a Day

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Voodoo Sex cult

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On 24 February 2015
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A great debut with huge future potential

cover-artWith a name like Voodoo Sex Cult it’s hard to not summon up some scary, heaviliy moral corrupt troupee who may or may not sacrifice the odd virgin for record sales. To be honest with names like the rev, the preacher’s son, redneck, the Castilian (a region of Spain,yes I did have to look it up) and the survivalist this is a debut album I wanna hear.

A Year And A Day opens with ‘Cutting Loose’, a track that announces itself with heavy guitar led riffs its unrepentant sound is accompanied by the vocal of Royce Taghon. This track style sets the pace for the thirteen track album with the following songs taking suit. There’s thrashing heavy guitar leading a very rawk and roll vocal as demonstrated in ‘Voodoo Rising’, ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Broken’. ‘Down and Dirty’ kicks in just as promised with some downright dirty guitar licks.
Number eight on the tracklisting sees ‘Dead Season’ begin to encorporate more variety of vocal and a key change which helps gather the pace. Demonstrating grimier guitar fret work on ‘Home’ then bringing in lengthier vocal on ‘VSC-17’. The closing track ‘Black Jesus’ ignites all the elements that make this album stand out, culminating in a pretty bad ass track. I couldn’t quite figure out why it featured so late on.
Although I do like a lot of individual elements of this album I think VSC need to vary their sound maybe for their next album. There’s some great groundwork here. I love the thundering bass however too much can be a little monotonous leaving the listener agitated till around half way through after which begins to gather more momentum. Voodoo Sex Cult had me intrigued by the name but have not quite managed to get me under their spell just yet.


Cutting loose
Voodoo rising
Break it down
40 days
Down and dirty
Fade away
Dead season
Sinking slowly
Black jesus

A great debut with huge future potential

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