Zaraza – Spasms Of Rebirth

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On 26 July 2017
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Six of the darkest from Zaraza, the underground at its best




The reformed and reanimated Zaraza present a dark and sinister soundscape with ‘Spasms Of Rebirth’


Originally formed in the early 90’s Zaraza were inactive for just a shade under ten years before reigniting in 2015. Leaning towards the sludge/doom end of the spectrum the band consisting of Jacek Damaged and Brian Damage have concocted a quite disturbing and experimental sound that will definitely provoke and unleash some previously unknown beasts from within


Beginning with ’Church Of Gravity’ the unrelenting drudgery commences, each track as gloriously oppressive as the next, deep guttural vocal sounds intertwine with a diseased guitar sound that just destroys everything laid before it. Conventional is not a word that sits easy with Zaraza as the album shifts through the gears, and to be perfectly honest it can be pretty hard to digest at times but it is so commendable that someone is willing to continue to press the buttons and push the boundaries. There are more accessible tracks on the album mind, ’Inti Raymi’ for example, although widely off the beaten path on the whole does have elements of a more accepted riff, and album closer ’Wulkan’ with its narrative vocal slant has a slightly broader appeal than might be expected


‘Spasms Of Rebirth’, whilst not for the faint hearted is a good example of what two men with a passion and talent for being different can achieve. An album of dark and yet diverse material that without doubt makes the listener question the accepted barriers of the sludge/doom sub genre. As eluded to earlier, it is a musical journey that can make for a difficult ride but with each subsequent play you kind of begin to get a take on what the band are setting out to accomplish


An album that will definitely make you question the traditional but on the whole I would say is more than worthy of a listen


Track Listing;

Church Of Gravity
Inti Raymi
Blood Ov Psychiatrists
Roadkill To You

‘Spasms Of Rebirth’ by Zaraza is available via Total Zero



Six of the darkest from Zaraza, the underground at its best

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