XEHANORT sign to Subliminal Groove Records

Canada-based progressive gurus Subliminal Groove Records are delighted to announce the signing of one-man prog-deathcore maverick, Xehanort, and with it the remastered release of his 2013 album Awaken in a Different Dimension, due March 11.

If this all wasn’t enough, Xehanort has today released a lyric video of the first two tracks from the album, ‘Entry I: The Unknown/Entry II: Colossus‘. Watch it here:

You can pre-order physical copies of Awaken in a Different Dimension here.

Every so often a new voice enters, breathing new life into the scene and raising the bar. Xehanort is one such voice, a one-man machine who at once defines the term maverick and defies generic conventions. A unique blend of progressive, technical, black metal and deathcore, Xehanort and his album Awaken in a Different Dimension is at once brutal and confounding, the next level in the world of progressive death metal.

Entirely self-produced, recorded, performed and mixed by the man himself, Awaken in a Different Dimension is a video game-inspired concept album detailing the trials and tribulations of a character lost in a foreign land. Remixed and remastered for physical release through Subliminal Groove, the CD release comes with plenty of goodies for like-minded producers and engineers, including instrument stems, raw mixing files, and a ‘making-of’ behind the scenes video.

Xehanort Awaken in a Different DimensionTracklisting:
1) Entry I: The Unknown
2) Entry II: Colossus
3) Entry III: Wyvern
4) Entry IV: Atronachs
5) Entry V: Cerberus
6) Entry VI: Susano’o
7) Entry VII: Albatross
8) Entry VIII: Heartless
9) Entry IX: Nazgûl
10) Entry X: Bahamut
11) Entry XI: Reprieve
12) Entry XII: Discovery

With a cover album in the works as well as a new studio album tentatively scheduled for 2015, you’ll be sure to hear plenty more of Xehanort.

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