X-Ufo – The Box,Crewe,21/07/2013

x-ufoIt is a testament to X-Ufo’s professionalism that this gig even went ahead as there were more band members onstage than punters in the crowd. Whether or not it was due to the fact it was Sunday night,i would of thought more than 3 would have turned up to see a band with as much rock history that X-Ufo have. In a very Spinal Tap moment,the crowd could have swelled to 7 but the 4 i was expecting got drunk at a christening! Apart from myself who lives in Crewe the other 2 that made the effort travelled from Stoke On Trent and to say that we were grateful they played is an understatement as the band tore thru a 17 song set made up mainly of UFO songs,an MSG cover and self penned numbers that the band have wrote since their formation in early 2011.

Following the intro taken from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, the band took to the stage and tore into the UFO classic Let It Roll,one of many tracks played from the timeless dbl live album Strangers In The Night but there were some great obscure tracks played to: Highway Lady and Can You Roll Her were some lovely blasts from the past from the No Heavy Petting album and also Love Deadly Love which Laurence wrote in his time with the band and  featured on the High Stakes And Dangerous Men album. The set got better as the gig went on including a very heavy cover of Armed And Ready by MSG and the show finished with a triumphant triumvirate of Rock Bottom,Lights Out and Doctor Doctor!

All of the band played out of their skins but a special mention must be made for the onstage banter from lead vocalist Danny Peyronel. If he ever leaves  music,a career in stand up comedy could be a possibility. Danny played keyboards for UFO between 1975-1976,guitarist Laurence Archer was in UFO between 1992-1995,Clive Edwards played drums for UFO between 1989-1993 and bassist Rocky Newton has played with ex UFO guitarist  Michael Schenker in his band the McAuley Schenker Group.


X-Ufo band line up :-

Danny Peyronel – Lead vocals/keyboards.

Laurence Archer – Guitar/vocals.

Rocky Newton – Bass guitar/vocals.

Clive Edwards – Drums.


Gig setlist :-

Let It Roll.

Natural Thing.

Highway Lady.

Backdoor Man.

Shoot Shoot.

Do Me Wrong.

Can You Roll Her.

Love Deadly Love.

Armed And Ready.

Mother Mary.

Love To Love.


Rock Me.

House Of Lies.

Rock Bottom.

Lights Out.

Doctor Doctor.


I award the gig a well deserved 10/10.




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