With All The Rage – Now…Yesterday…Tomorrow…Ever

When you think of Sicily, what comes to mind?  Sea food?  Pasta?  Grandiose Architecture?   The Mafia???  Well now you can add bone crushing metal, courtesy of Palermo’s With All The Rage – or as they are known at home La Raggia (The Rage) – and their (cumbersomely named) debut release Now…Yesterday…Tomorrow…Ever.  The band was formed in mid 2010 and recorded their first demo A Good Day To Die in 2011 (At least one song off of which makes it on to this release).

Opening track With All The Rage (never has the name of a song been more apt!!) kicks things off in fine style with a hectic thrash guitar riff, pounding drums and a growling snarly vocal that will leave you thinking you’ve just put on the new Lamb of God album.  This is a powerful track that ends just as abruptly as it starts punctuating the track perfectly.

Unfortunately, the drive provided by the opening track isn’t continued with Cemetery Park Revisited.  This song has a stop start mix of styles that doesn’t flow very well.   It’s not a bad track, but I’m left a little under whelmed.

But this is all forgiven when as the groove laden riffs of A Good Day To Die ooze out of your speakers.  This is a proper slice of groove metal that Down and Pantera would have been proud of.  Whilst Plug in Your Ass with its short punchy lyrics and snappy guitar riff would sit comfortably alongside anything written by Fear Factory.

The tempo slows down now as the hauntingly melodic Inside starts.  The song is definitely slower than the rest, with each verse building to a chorus which is delivered in fine style by singer Luca.  This is my favourite song off of the EP, and could be massive for the band as it would get tons of air play if they got it into the hands of the metal media.

When the next track Who Killed My Dog starts, it immediately kicks things back up a notch with its thrash based riffs and bouncy bass line.  The song slows in the middle to a grinding riff that had me banging my head before the twin guitars power things back up and drive to the end of the song.

The final track Show Me Your Wounds is a straight up metal lovers’ paradise.  There is nothing over complicated here, just great musicianship providing a platform for commanding vocals.

The production on the EP is outstanding, but you would expect nothing less from Hellfire Recording and Mastering.  Overall La Raggia are a talented group of musicians with vast amounts of potential and the world at their feet.  Remember the name and expect to see it cropping up at metal festivals across Europe next year, mark my words.

Over all this is a crackin’ release and I’ll be awarding it 8/10

Now…Yesterday…Tomorrow…Ever is available now through SG Records.

Track Listing

  1. With All The Rage
  2. Cemetery Park Revisited
  3. A Good Day To Die
  4. Plug In Your Ass
  5. Inside
  6. Who Killed My Dog
  7. Show Me Your Wounds.

The Band

With All The Rage are:
Luca Cirrito – Vocals
Vincenzo Ciolino – Guitars
Alessandro Capizzi – Guitars
Anthony Cosentino – Bass
Francesco Schittino – Drums


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