Witchcraft – Legend

When Magnus Pelander founded WITCHCRAFT back in the year 2000, he just did so to record PENTAGRAM tribute album. It took until 2002 for the band to finally released their first single. Enter 2012, the band has found a new home with Nuclear Blast records and sees the release of their first album in five years.

Legend is chilled out heavy. It’s a timeless slice of heavy rock that is reminiscent of the halcyon days of Sabbath, Zeppelin, Lizzy et al with a smattering of Doors and Hendrix inspired psychedelia in places. Magnus Pelander at times sounds like he’s channeling parts of Jim Morrison and Robert Plant into a superbly haunting vocal lead, backed by some great musicianship from the remainder of the band.

Deconstruction is the perfect intro to the album, combining pace and melody beautifully before Flag of Fate hits a chilled out rhythm led by some great work from Ola Henriksson on Bass and Oscar Johansson on Drums replete with some apt guitar solos running throughout. It’s Not Because of You screams single track to me, with its staccato grooving rhythm, probably my favourite on the album especially as it drives to its conclusion with more excellent solo work that just seems effortless.

This easy going rock vibe carries on throughout the album to its conclusion, ebbing and flowing from the expansive and atmospheric power of An Alternative to Freedom, the chilled stoner rock of White Light Suicide and footstomping Democracy right the way through to the final monstrous 20 minutes of the album across the haunting Dystopia and progressive epic of Dead End.

Witchcraft have produced an album that is the epitomy of a band in their groove. As I said above, the album feels effortless and carries such a feeling of comfort and ease of listening that I defy anyone not to enjoy it in some shape or form.

Legend is out now through Nuclear Blast.

Rating: 9/10

Track Listing:
1. Deconstruction
2. Flag of Fate
3. It’s Not Because of You
4. An Alternative to Freedom
5. Ghosts House
6. White Light Suicide
7. Democracy
8. Dystopia
9. Dead End

Magnus Pelander – Vocals
Simon Solomon – Guitars
Tom Jondelius – Guitars
Oscar Johansson – Drums
Ola Henriksson – Bass


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