WEEPING SILENCE – ‘For The Unsung’

A majestic offering of grandiose Gothic Doom Metal.

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The Gothic/ Doom sound of Weeping Silence has been kicking around since the late 1990’s in various guises. ‘For The Unsung’ in some ways marks a fitting epitaph and closure on a particular chapter in the bands history as line up changes have occurred since the release, with the departure of both male and female vocalists.
For The Unsung’ is a highly professional and slick album from start to finish, delivering a sound which evoked memories of Seasons End crossed with the melodic appeal of Within Temptation in quite a few places. ’Mire Of Pity’ for example is a magnificent Doom filled track with bags of atmosphere and darkness, demonstrating a beautiful balance between female and growl vocal.
The male and female vocal partnership continues throughout the album, even featuring a guest appearance from Anders Jacobsson of Draconian fame but at no point does it become laboured or forced, the power and malevolence of one always seems to be suitably tempered by the beauty and delicate nature of the other, ’Fallen From Grace’ demonstrating this point very well.

Of course, the genre of Female Fronted Metal has become an increasingly crowded marketplace over the last couple of years with any number of bands jostling for position at the table of opportunity, however, whilst there are undoubtedly superbly talented musicians out there the danger is that many can become lost or passed by as they become swallowed up in the wave of choice that exists. Weeping Silence have more than enough talent and perhaps equally as important, experience, to keep their heads above water.
Bitter Screams’, in my view, is perhaps the song that sums this album up best, ethereal female vocals coupled with dark male growls, backed by some excellent Doom Gothic charged riffs that really do hit the spot and tick all the right boxes.
As I said at the beginning, with the line up changes that have occurred, this is more of a retrospective review than a forward looking one. However, at the time of writing, a new female vocalist has been announced in the form of Diane Camenzuli, and the addition of a new male vocalist shouldn’t be too far off either. I hope that the core sound of Weeping Silence will continue to be at the fore of future releases, running in conjunction with the continued development and fresh ideas that new personnel will inevitably bring. Whilst the future looks bright and promising for the band, this album should not be overlooked, as in my view, it represents one of the best Gothic/ Doom releases of 2012.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Mourning Sighs Farewell.
2. Love Lies Bleeding.
3. Disillusioned.
4. Mire Of Pity.
5. The Search Within.
6. Fallen From Grace.
7. Bitter Screams.
8. Your Darkest Hour.
9. My Possession.

Weeping Silence (’For The Unsung’ line up) are;weeping band

Rachel Grech – Vocals.
Joseph Grech – Vocals.
Manuel Spiteri – Guitars.
Mario Ellul – Guitars.
Sean Pollacco – Bass.
Alison Ellul – Keyboards.
Angelo Zammit – Drums.

Out now via Ravenheart Records.





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