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Wednesday 13

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On 9 October 2019
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A great album.

Wednesday 13 has just released his latest album – Necrophaze. As always it’s got a horror theme which works well for him and other artists such as Alice Cooper, and inevitably there are going to be comparisons between the two. To be honest I’ve never understood why Wednesday 13 isnt far bigger given the success of Alice Cooper – they’re both similar vocally, both have a horror theme although Alice Cooper’s is more pantomime horror with his stage show, and musically they arent far apart – Wednesday 13 is heavier than most of Alice’s work although Alice Cooper’s “Brutal planet” album is as heavy as anything Wednesday 13 has done. I’m quite certain that if the two toured together around the world then Wednesday 13 would gain a whole host of fans as Alice’s fans listen to and enjoy his music.

On this album Alice Cooper gets another mention – he appears as a guest vocalist. There are also guest appearances from Roy Mayorga of Stone sour, Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, Christina Scabbia of Lacuna coil and Jeff Claytonr of punk bands Antiseen & GG Allin’s Murder Junkies. It’s the first time Wednesday 13 has planned to have guests on one of his albums, and it’s worked well.

It’s one hell of a good album – nice and heavy hard rock with great well written songs, and I’ve spent most of the day working with this on repeat. A nice bonus is the cover version that comes at the end of the album – a song WASP never play anymore – the classic “Animal (Fuck like a beast)”. It’s slightly odd hearing it done by anyone other than WASP but the vocals do share the same snarling attitude that Blackie Lawless had which helps make sure this cover works well.

A great album.

Track listing:

1. Necrophaze
2. Bring your own blood
3. Zodiac
4. Monster
5. Decompose
6. Be warned
7. The hearse
8. Tie me like a noose
9. Life will kill us all
10. Bury the hatchet
11. Necrophaze main theme (end credits)
12. Animal (Fuck like a beast)

A great album.

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