Wednesday 13 and Michael Monroe, The Garage, Glasgow 27/11/11

I was looking forward to tonight a Triple G gig at The Garage, in Glasgow. Three great bands on the bill and the queue outside The Garage was large when I arrived around 6pm to interview Michael Monroe, so it was looking like it was going to be a packed venue tonight!

After the interview, I headed upstairs and Crashdiet had already started their set. I arrived in to hear about half of ‘Breaking The Chainz’ I seen them early in the  year here at the Garage supporting Hardcore Superstars and 69 Eyes and I honestly didn’t think they were as good tonight as they had been back in March. Only a few of the crowd were singing and dancing around to their tracks and the vocals weren’t that clear either, which was a shame. They finished off their set with ‘Generation Wild’.


Next up was Michael Monroe, this was the 3rd time this year for me seeing him and I was looking forward to seeing them again. Dregen and Steve Conti on guitars, Sami Yaffa on bass and on drums Karl Rockfist along with Michael on vocals, harmonica and sax.

The band took to the stage and the crowd shouted out for them as Michael ran up the stairs and on to the stage and launched straight into ‘Trick Of The Wrist’ and then into ‘Got Blood’.  There is def a feel good factor in here tonight  The crowd are happily singing and dancing along to ‘Hammersmith Palais’, ‘’78’ and ‘Nothing’s Alright’.

The sound for them tonight is fantastic you can really hear Karl pounding away on the drums. Whilst Sami busting out great bass line and Steve is pulling some great rock poses in front of me!

Michael is renowned for his exuberant and athletic stage performance and tonight he was on great form again. He couldn’t do his normal climbing about as the Garage has a flown PA system! We get treated to him leaping over to the steps on the barrier and then balancing on top of the barrier with the crowds help a few times during the show. Whilst during other songs he did his high kicks, splits etc. Does he ever stand still for more than a few seconds at a time ;)

Dregen is an astounding guitarist as well as stage performer; he compliments Michael’s high octane stage antics with his own energetic live performance and darts and twirls about the stage interacting with the others in the band.

The fans are having a superb time as they play through their set ‘Bombs Away’ really hits the mark and of course ‘Mystery City’ is always lapped up by the crowd.

They bring their superb set to a close with ‘Malibu Beach’ and one of my favourite tracks ‘Dead, Jail or Rock’N’Roll’, it a great track to close the set with.

Roll on seeing them again at Hard Rock Hell 5 this Saturday!

Michael Monroe Setlist

Trick Of The Wrist

Got Blood

Modern Day Miracle


Hammersmith Palais


Nothing’s Alright

Superpowered Superfly

Bombs Away

Mystery City

Malibu Beach

Dead, Jail or Rock’N’Roll

Some of the crowd left after Michael Monroe had finished and the venue is still busy with the Wednesday 13 fans who by now are properly warmed up!

After a quick onstage set change the house lights dimmed and the intro tracked started as the band headed on stage as we awaited the arrival of Wednesday himself to take to the stage.

They kick off the night with ‘Calling All Corpses’ and ‘I Walked With A Zombie’ the crowd are heading banging and signing along with gusto especially when the start playing ‘Homesweet Homicide’ The band are on top form and sounding great.

Wednesday runs off stage after a few songs and comes back on with either a new costume or prop to play with! This happens a few times during the set.

‘From Here To Hearse’, ‘Rambo’, ‘I Wanna Be Cremated’ all go down superbly with the audience everyone is having a great time. They round off the main set with ‘197666’before heading off stage for a quick breather.

They head back on stage,  another costume change for Wendesday and they start off the encore with ‘Till Death Do Us Party’ then a sing along to ‘Bad Things’ before finishing up the night with ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’

oth Michael Monroe and Wednesday 13 band wise are the stars of the show tonight. Both delivering great sets and leaving the crowd happy, sore necks for a few and spent.


Wednesday 13 Setlist

Calling All Corpses

I Walked With A Zombie

Scream Baby Scream

Homesweet Homicide

Silver Bullets

From Here To Hearse

Happily Ever Cadaver


Put YourDeath Mask on

I Want You Dead

I Wanna Be Cremated



Till Death Do Us Party

Bad Things

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Michael Monroe Interview link


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