WACKEN 2015 – Weekly X-mas Calendar Round Up – 8th Dec

Wackenxmascalendar_2014Wacken X-mas calendar announcements is in full flow. Here is a list of last week’s announcements:

The first bands revealed on the 1st were STRATOVARIUS and ANGRA.

Tuesday 2nd:
Shining – Get ready for some melancholy – Shining from Sweden are on the way to the Wacken Open Air 2015! Black Metal in its most depressive form combined with an extravagant and extreme stage show – this is Shining. We are happy to welcoming them to their first gig at Wacken! More about Shining

Exumer – Do you enjoy Teutonic Thrash Metal? Check out Exumer! So far they only played in 2001 at our festival – even though the band was broken up for more than ten years at this moment. Since 2009 Exumer is back again and they produced a new CD, called Fire & Damnation which is the first one after their break-up in the early 80´s. More about Exumer

Wednesday 3rd:
Armored Saint – Since 1980 – only interrupted by two little breaks – Armored Saints is delivering their Metal to the community worldwide. On their first tour they already have been the support band of W.A.S.P and Metallica. Fun Fact: Metallica even tried to lure lead singer John Bush away – but as we know without success! Over some time and after some up and downs, he finally left the band and became the lead singer of Anthrax. These days Armored Saint reunited with John Bush again and published a few successful albums so far. More about Armored Saint

Asrock – The local rock band Asrock is connected to the W:O:A for years now and they played their first Wacken gig this year. The band plays both self-written and cover songs and brings to you some great entertainment for a proper metal party!

Thursday 4th:
Cryptopsy – They have released 7 albums and gathered fans around the globe: Cryptopsy from Canada! Their brutal and technical death metal comes to W:O:A for the second time (their first and until now, their only W:O:A show was in 2001!) and we are counting the days to their return! More about Cryptopsy

Godsized – Godsized is inspired by Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin and Jägermeister and they already played some support gigs for bands like Black Label Society. Different magazines certify that Godsized will have a great future. So be sure to check them out at the festival 2015 when they play their first show at the W:O:A.  More about Godsized

Tears for Beers – “The disgrace of the northern-german folk scene” returns to W:O:A. The band plays together for more than 20 years and they have already played at the fourth W:O:A in 1994. Time for the second round!  More about Tears for Beers

Friday 5th:
Samael – Normally Black Metal is dominated by Scandinavian bands but as always also in this matter there are exceptions from the rule. And in this case a great exception, namely the Swiss band Samael. The four guys will present their celebrated third album “Ceremony of Opposites” at the W:O:A 2015. Last time they played in Wacken 2007, so it is definitely time to come back to the loudest field of the world!  More about Samael

Kommando – Only just founded and already booked for W:O:A: Kommando from Germany are playing blackened crust or how they call it: Machinegvn Pvnk. The members of the band are well known in the scene and we’re waiting for the first full album to be released! You can download the free demo right here. More about Kommando

Saturday 6th:
At The Gates – Many people thought the show at the W:O:A 2008 was the last chance to see ´At The Gates´ live on stage. But with ´At War With Reality´ they published their first studio album since 1995 this year and we are very happy to announce that the Melodic Death Metal heroes will be back on stage at the Wacken Open Air 2015. More about At The Gates

Subway to Sally – Welcome back in Wacken! The Folk band is one of the most productive Folk Metal bands if their niche and will present their 12 studio album at Wacken 2015! More about Subway to Sally

Sunday 7th:
Ill Niño  – Nu Metal with a Latin-American influence? Oh yes , we talk about Ill Niño! This multicultural music group with their home base in the USA are preparing for their second W:O:A gig. Just in time Ill Niño finished an new studio album recently which is, again, a blast! Ill Niño

Biohazard – With Biohazard we will complement our line up with a mixture of New York Hardcore, Metal and Rap. Biohazard was founded in 1987 and it took nearly 30 years for their first gig in Wacken. Therefore we are more than happy to welcome them at our festival in 2015.
More about Biohazard

Monday 8th:
Avatar – Although Avatar could be part of the Goteborg metal scene there are some differences to the classical Melodic Death Metal. The sound of Avatar also includes groove and Nu Metal elements –definitely a combination with vibrant power and lots of energy. Be sure to check them out at their Wacken debut in 2015.  More about Avatar

Epica – The best description for the music of Epica is given by the band name itself. Epic, breathtaking and majestic are just some of the words to describe the mixture of symphonic, gothic and power metal. The female fronted band from the Netherlands will play at the W:O:A for the second time next year.  More about Epica

Alkbottle – Another band where the name describes the music! The typical Alkbottle song is an anthem about beer, party and buzz. The heavy metal band from Vienna is touring since 1990 – with a short pause from 1998 to 2001. We are looking forward to see their first Wacken-show! More about Alkbottle

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