Violet Gibson – American circus

Violet Gibson are an Italian band that formed in 2007 under the name “Last vegas”.  After a lineup change the band changed their name to Violet Gibson.  They spent the next year writing and recording their album “American Circus” and it was released in Italy in April 2012, before they signed a Europe wide ditribution deal several months later with Casket records to make the album available in the UK and the rest of Europe.

What we have here is some guitar driven hard rock/metal.  It’s well produced with a good mix and a nice clear sound.  The guitars are good and heavy and the vocals are vey good – although Matthew Brodtsy’s vocals do have quite a strong accent that can be slightly off-putting at times.

The weakest track on the album is the cover version of stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious” – it’s not a bad metal version of it, but it just doesn’t quite work for me despite their best efforts.

“From The Moon To Your Feet” offers a change of pace.  It’s a largely acoustic track and is very well done with some nice harmonies, and the mix of having an acoustic guitar track with an electric guitar solo is unusual but works very well.

A very good album, but it’s perhaps lacking in originality.

Rating 7/10

Violet Gibson are:

Matthew Brodtsy – vocals
Michelangelo Naldini – Drums and Bangs
Tony La Blera – Bass
Gabriele Tassara – Guitars
Giovanni Marchi – Guitars

Track listing:

1. Go Ahead
2. American Circus
3. Original Sinner
4. She Feels Alive
5. Superstition
6. In My Head
7. Forget About The Rain
8. Game Of Sorrow
9. I Wish I Could
10. Parasite
11. From The Moon To Your Feet
12. Your Balls On Fire
13. The Reason To Be God

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