Victorius – The Awakening

Victorius - The AwakeningHailing from the Saxony region of Germany, Victorius are one of a new generation of power metal bands who are emerging, from various parts of the continent (including here in the jolly old UK, it must be stressed), who seem determined to inject something new and fresh into what has been, for many years, a genre in danger of becoming staid and – sin of all sins – unimaginative.

Power metal always has been about pushing the boundaries, both of imagination and technical ability, but the past few years have seen many of its prime exponents content to sit on their laurels (and their fat backsides, if you want to be brutally honest) and churn out formulaic rehashings of what they have produced to get them to the position they enjoy,,,

Fortunately, the wheel of fate seems to be turning once more, with established acts seeming to rediscover their hunger for invention, and a healthy dose of new young talent emerging through the ranks…. Whether Victorius manage to fight their way to the forefront of this revival remains very much to be seen, but this sophomore album very firmly establishes their credentials as potential contenders for future title glory…

It must be admitted that Victorius do nothing new – huge melodies, soaring guitar solos played as fast as humanly possible, massive classical music influences, harmonic vocalisations and a nigh on perfect production (thanks to Freedom Call guitarist Lars Rettkovitz) – but what they do they do extremely well, and ‘The Awakening’ lives up to its title:  a stirring wake up call to the new breed of true metal acts to stand up alongside their peers and be counted, holding their heads high and proud.

Victorius - Band PhotoTrack list:

  1. Age Of Tyranny
  2. Starfire
  3. The Awakening
  4. Lake Of Hope
  5. Under Burning Skies
  6. Black Sun
  7. Demon Legions
  8. Through The Dead Lands
  9. Call For Resistance
  10. Kings Reborn
  11. Metalheart

‘The Awakening’ is out now on Sonic Attack/SPV:

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