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7XdV6Wl0_400x400Versive are a four piece alt-rock band from Dublin, Ireland who have recently released their debut EP, also called Versive.

A three track EP, it’s a good taster from a band with obvious talent and the drive to go places.  Opening track Blackout is fast paced, full of energy.  The vocal is at times gruff without going full on growl, which helps it maintain a melodic edge that makes this eminently listenable.  The drumming is far louder in the mix than you often hear, and the crashing cymbals complement the vocal.

This is only an EP, and as such can only give the listener an idea what a full album from Versive might sound like but by halfway through second track Haunted I can only imagine it would be exhausting.  They literally never stop for a second.  This is one hell of a fast paced song, and the multilayering of the vocal adds to the frenetic pace.  That said, it’s really, really catchy!

The final track is called Restrive, which is either a made up word or means re-strive: to strive again.  I’m going for re-strive.  The lyric is all about “sometimes it takes time.”  Well, yes it does but keep on striving, you never know!  It’s another catchy song, with a pause that makes you think it’s over then starts again.  A play on the lyric or am I reading too much into it?

In all it’s a good EP, a decent example of what Versive are about, and a taster of how a future album might sound.  They have a definite handle on who they are, how they sound and where they want to go with it and I hope they do well.  One note, just me but drop the alt-rock label.  It makes me think of all those rock star wannabes on music television who think a bit of black eyeliner and a gang of teeny screamers following them around means they’ve made it as musicians.  Versive are better than that.

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