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On 5 March 2013
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It leaves you wanting to listen to the album repeatedly

vega what the hellVega! Not heard the name yet? Well they are four guys who formed the metal group in 2009 with a sound straight from the 70-80′s now turning out their own original rock songs in the 00′s. Their first album “Kiss Of Life”, which was released in October 2010 was well received by the rock world. Now they are set to release their second album “What The Hell”, on the 11th March 2013 via Spinefarm Records. If the first album is anything to go on this second album should cause a tsunami in the rock world.

The album kicks off with ‘Audeat Somniare’ pronunciation: aw-dey-at som-neeyare, Latin for ‘Dare to Dream’. Are they trying to tell us all something with this opening song? Dare to dream? I think the dream is becoming a reality.  Each song has a fresh sound. Title track ‘What The Hell’ is just a real rocking foot stomping song, very well put together with a great guitar solo. Starting with a nice riff on lead guitar, singer Nick Workman then really belts out a great performance. Keyboards, drums & rhythm guitar all meld to create a song you will remember.

Raise Ya Game” Has a great beat & rhythm reminds me a bit of an old Bodyrockers song, with Vega’s original score it can stand out alone as a great song and is well worth listening to. ”She Walks Alone” is truly awesome, this track makes the album, with good lyrics slowly building up to a powerful climax. What more could you wish for in a rock song?

It’s Gonna Be Alright” As a rock ballad goes this has it all plus a bit more. Nick’s voice with the groups harmonies are just what you need for a song like this. I really cannot find fault with any song on this album as they are of the best quality. ”Hands In The Air” finishes off the album in an explosive style. Sounds like a song that will have the crowds rocking, it leaves you wanting to listen to the album repeatedly, well it does me anyway!

Gone these days are the longhaired faceless group members, heads down and banging out the riffs all night long. Vega is a new face in the Rock-n-Roll scene, Nick Workman (Lead Vocals) sings with a slight re-incarnation of the Bruce Dickinson-esk style, if that is possible while Bruce is still alive & kicking! Not only does he give a great performance with a good vocal range, but he can also get the crowds rocking and bouncing along. He’s a good compliment to the band and takes nothing away from their excellent performances.

Dan Chantrey (Drums) as a founder member keeps up a good rhythm and puts in some original improvisations on each track. You can really tell he puts his entire being into each track. James Martin (Keyboards) gives good key! I made that bit up!! While twin brother Tom Martin (Guitar) backs up the three other members with top class sessions. Tom say’s he struggled as a young guy to play the guitar. His inspiration was Eddie Van Halen who he would now surely be able to jam along with, with confidence.

Just like the guy’s have said, every song on this album could stand alone as a single if they wished to release them that way. This, to me brings back memories of the Beatles album” Please Please Me”, where nearly every song on it was released as a single.

What The Hell” is well worth buying and adding to your rock collection. These guy’s are going places and I for one will be following their career closely.

Rating- 5 /5

1. Audeat Somniare
2. White Knuckle Ride
3. What The Hell!
4. No There For You
5. Cry
6. Raise Ya Game
7. Fade Into The Flames
8. You Can’t Run
9. Bless My Soul
10. She Walks Alone
11. Turn It On
12. Saviour
13. It’s Gonna Be Alright
14. Hands In The Air

The Band:
Nick Workman – Vocals
Tom Martin – Guitars
Daniel Chantrey – Drums
James Martin – Keyboards



It leaves you wanting to listen to the album repeatedly

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