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On 12 September 2016
Last modified:19 September 2016


Vader provide a teaser for the new album.

While we all wait for Vader to release their next album “The Empire,” which has been put back to 4th November 2016 we are provided with a little teaser which is the Iron Times EP.  Four songs to keep us ticking over until the November onslaught.  This release can be bought in varying vinyl versions as well as the digital offering.  Definitely one for the collectors out there.

Forgetting the different formats and concentrating on the music which it is ultimately all about, each of the four songs brings something different to the party but delivered in the unique Vader style.

First up is Parabellum and if you are playing this on vinyl you may just imagine this is Saxon being played at 45rpm when in fact it should be 33rpm. And then of course the vocals of Piotr Wiwczarek hit you and we are back into wonderfully familiar territory.  What a great song and with it coming in at less than three minutes it does more than enough to keep you hanging on for more.

Next up is another sub three minute number in Prayer to the God of War.  This is probably more akin to what we are used to and flies by at top speed.

We then slow down slightly and revert to Polish lyrics with the third track Piesc I Stal.  This certainly gets the head nodding and foot tapping without the risk of a trip to A&E.  Vader may have had a number of doubters over the years but they sure can deliver quality songs and this is certainly one of them.

Coming in at the end is the Vader version of Overkill.  There have been many tributes to the dearly departed Lemmy since he passed away and this is probably one of the better efforts.  Listening to this I cannot help but think of a number of songs I would like to see “Vaderised” at some point in the future and they would be all the better for it.


Track listing:

  1. Parabellum  2:28
  2. Prayer to the God of War  2:47
  3. Piesc I Stal  4:05
  4. Overkill  4:18

Iron Times EP

Released: August 2016

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Vader provide a teaser for the new album.

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