UK Subs – Special Deluxe Reissue of ‘Endangered Species’

Cleopatra Records To Release A Special Deluxe Reissue Of The Landmark 1982 Punk Rock Classic ‘Endangered Species’ From The Legendary UK Subs!

UK Subs - Endangered Species

UK Subs’ Endangered Species, a true punk rock classic, gets a well-deserved Deluxe Edition this coming July 29 courtesy of Cleopatra Records. This 1982 album, widely considered the highpoint of the Subs’ illustrious career, pushed the sound of British punk rock into more musically complex yet sonically ferocious territory. Jack Rabid, journalist and publisher of New York’s renowned The Big Takeover magazine, wrote in his liner notes for the reissue that time has not dampened the sheer power of the album’s title track. “Even now,” Rabid writes, “having heard this blistering, blasting, booming song and album 100 times, the effect remains pulverizing, the wallop so wicked, the density so heavy, it still spooks me a little” and goes on to compare the album’s impact to such seminal releases as Motörhead’s Bomber and My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. But its the second half of the album where vocalist Charlie Harper, guitarist Nicky Garratt, bassist Alvin Gibbs and drummer Steve Roberts really stretched their sound to create what Rabid describes as “some of the moodiest post-punk of that entire fertile post-punk era, with tribal beats, sinewy bass, spider-web guitars, and a textural subtlety the band had only once hinted at before.” Critics and fans have united in agreement that this album is one of the most important punk records of all-time! Even Guns N’ Roses felt compelled to cover one of its cuts, “Down On The Farm,” for their Spaghetti Incident? release. This expanded edition is out to make you a believer too!

Track List:
1. Endangered Species
2. Living Dead
3. Countdown
4. Ambition
5. Lie Down And Die
6. Fear Of Girls
7. Down On The Farm
8. Sensitive Boys
9. /8×5
10. Ice Age
11. I Robot
12. Flesh Wound
13. Plan Of Action (B-Side Countdown 7″ Single)
14. I Don’t Need Your Love (Outtake)
15. Shoot You Down (Demo)
16. /8×5 (Demo)
17. Countdown (Demo)
18. Ambition (Demo)
19. Sensitive Boys (Demo)
20. I Don’t Need Your Love (Demo)

1. Self Destruct (Shake Up City EP)
2. Police State (Shake Up The City EP)
3. War Of The Roses (Shake Up The City EP)
4. New Barbarians (A.W.O.L. “Shelved” EP)
5. Ship Wrecked (A.W.O.L. “Shelved” EP)
6. Enemy Awaits (A.W.O.L. “Shelved” EP)
7. Limo Life (Studio Session – New York)
8. Cocaine (Studio Session – New York)
9. Self Destruct (Live 1982)
10. War Of The Roses (Live 1982)
11. Police State (Live 1982)
12. Emotional Blackmail (Live 1982)
13. Holy Land (Live 1982)
14. Warhead (Live 1982)
15. Left For Dead (Live 1982)
16. Endangered Species (Live 1982)
17. Enemy Awaits (Live 1982)
18. Crash Course (Live 1982)
19. No Heart (Live 1982)
20. Tomorrow’s Girls (Live 1982)
21. I Live In A Car (Live 1982)
22. C.I.D. (Live 1982)
23. Stranglehold (Live 1982)
24. New Barbarians (Live 1982)

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