U.D.O. re-signs with AFM Records

AFM are proud to announce that German classic rock mega-band U.D.O. (featuring singer Udo Dirkschneider) have re-signed to the company for a further long-term deal, which is expected to include 3 albums and 3 DVD’s.

UDOResignwithAFM_1Speaking about the deal, singer Dirkschneider (pictured with AFM Chief Executive Jochen Richert) revealed:

“We feel very comfortable with AFM Records and we appreciate the good vibes. The mutual understanding is perfect and our individual wishes and ideas are respected and converted. This is obviously hard to find in the music business nowadays”.

Richert too is very proud that U.D.O. remains part of the AFM family: “We wanted such an extensive deal with U.D.O. because the co-operation has proved very fertile in the past. U.D.O. is one of our biggest acts, sales figures have grown constantly; and this proves that – together – we are successful!”


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