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On 7 January 2015
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It's classic German Heavy Metal. A great album - I've already ordered my copy.

UDO - DecadentGerman heavy metal legend Udo Dirkschneider is back with another album with his band U.D.O.  It’s their fifteenth studio album – this is a man who doesn’t take things easy, as he’s released an album pretty much every two years for the last couple of decades, as well as several live albums.  He’s still got that instantly recognisable voice that has served him well since Accept were first unleashed upon the world.

Listening to the album it’s clear that Udo has strong feelings about the gap between rich and poor, how people in power act, and social justice in general.

“Decadent behaviour by privileged society exists in the whole world in completely different shades,” says Udo. “Decadence is almost like a universal language. What bothers me the most is the egocentrism that goes along with that. People who have everything seem not to really care about the world around them anymore; it’s like they use their own privileged status as an absolution for that. Also they do not seem to see that there’s a correlation between their own luxury and the poverty of others.”  “If all of us would live a little bit more consciously and think about who has to pay the price for our standard of living, we could make the world a better place.”

This theme of social injustice is there through the album, but “Decadence” and “Pain” are where it comes through most strongly.

Brief comments on a couple of tracks…

“Speeder” opens the album with a short burst of electronics before the guitars kick in and we’re off to a flying start.  Strong guitar riffs and Udo’s unmistakable vocals make this a good start to the album.

“Mystery” has a great really heavy guitar riff – at the start of the song it almost feels as if it’s going to head off in a Metallica style direction.   The vocals are worth special mention here – Udo doesn’t just stick to his normal style of vocals but instead does some unusual vocals too which work well.

For me though,, “Pain” and “Decadence” are probably my favourites – great metal songs with Udo’s voice perfectly suited for the angry lyrics.

If you’ve never listened to Udo Dirkschneider then you’re missing out.  He’s been releasing consistently high quality albums since the 80’s, first with Accept then with U.D.O.  It’s classic German Heavy Metal.  A great album – I’ve already ordered my copy.

“Decadent” will be released on 23rd January 2015 via AFM records

Track listing:

1. Speeder
2. Decadent
3. House of fake
4. Mystery
5. Pain
6. Secrets in paradise
7. Meaning of life
8. Breathless
9. Under your skin
10. Untouchable
11. Rebels of the night
12. Words in flame


It's classic German Heavy Metal. A great album - I've already ordered my copy.

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