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Tygers Of Pan Tang

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On 26 February 2022
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The Tygers Of Pan Tang are certainly up to scratch with their new EP A New Heartbeat, four tracks of feline fury!

As the old saying goes “A tiger doesn’t change its stripes” which certainly rings true from the Tygers Of Pan Tang who have just released their new A New Heartbeat EP via Mighty Music/Target Group.

Formed in Whitley Bay, Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1978, they were an integral part of the NWOBHM genre, signing to Neat Records and releasing their promising debut Wild Cat in 1980. Robb Weir, one of the founder members is still leader of the pack to the current day.

The EP has four tracks, two new ones and two re-recorded from Wild Cat. First track of the new songs ‘A New Heartbeat’ is also the current single as right from the off they show they mean business with a big dollop of melodic rock driven by a hard and heavy main riff and earworm fills. A rock steady rhythm section, a totally captivating lead vocal from Jack Meille and a fretboard melting guitar solo makes for a very impressive opener.

‘Red Mist’ opens with tribal drum patterns that fire up the band for a solid gold headbanger. Air guitar inducing riffs and an over the top guitar solo is a heavy metal masterclass. Judging by his vocal delivery Jack has definitely seen the red mist!

So onto the old songs as ‘Fireclown’ stays true to the original version but is given a bit of spit and polish for a heavier take. Sometimes these things don’t work but not for the Tygers as they sharpen their claws for a fantastic job!

Final track ‘Killers’ is a faster and furious take on the original. Bass guitar is more prominent and the guitars are in your face! The only downside is it’s a minute shorter than the Wild Cat version but it’s not such a big deal considering how raging the new version is.

Purchase links to the EP and other band info are here :- https://targetshop.dk/tygers-of-pan-tang I https://www.tygersofpantang.com/ I https://www.facebook.com/tygersofpantangofficial I https://www.instagram.com/tygers_of_pan_tang/ I https://twitter.com/tygersofpantang I https://open.spotify.com/artist/1MZ8NERIuOS610KBhr6yna?si=OnCm4Fm4SJ2q5sOBiha7Sw&nd=1

Tygers Of Pan Tang band line up :-

Robb Weir – Guitar.

Francesco Marras – Guitar.

Jack Meille – Lead Vocals.

Craig Ellis – Drums.

Huw Holding – Bass Guitar.

Gav Grey – Bass Guitar (played on the EP).

The Tygers Of Pan Tang are certainly up to scratch with their new EP A New Heartbeat, four tracks of feline fury!

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