Twisted Autocracy – Reinstate the Hate

twistedIf you’ve been travelling through a barren, wasteland of Metal lately, seeking asylum from the wave of crap music, rest your weary little heads because you’ll find a home with Twisted Autocracy. So Thrashers, stop roaming the streets of Dublin with your tattered patch jackets , pick up your trailing bullet belts and tie your high tops (tried to find more stereotypes –  couldn’t) because Reinstate the Hate will fill the void. AMEN!!

Reinstate the Hate is the five track E.P released by Dublin Band Twisted Autocracy . It has everything you need in a Thrash album – aggression, disgruntled youth, anti-establishment ideas and just well put together tracks that are anthem-like and memorable. If you’re into bands like Havok, it’s probably a safe bet that Twisted Autocracy will be right up your street.
From the first track, A Worthless Race, there’s no denying that this album is just a plain, in your face thrash record. The fast tempo, the dominant drumming in collaboration with dexterous guitar work and authoritative vocals all amalgamate to deliver the ultimate thrash experience. A Worthless Race contains all of the aforementioned qualities and is a great initiation to Reinstate the Hate. While it is a fun track, if you look into the lyrical content a more nihilistic and pessimistic theme undercuts the track.

‘There is no hope it’s torn away

The only fact, you’ll die some day

forever more know your place

a worthless part of a worthless race’

It’s not a negative feature, it gives the E.P a bit more depth because let’s face it –  life isn’t always tits and beer.  It’s some feat if you can bring real, coherent ideas to your music that enables listeners to associate with your band and not have them feel like they’re being moaned at. Instead it’s a united, pissed-off cause; people can join and still have a good time with.

At the risk of going on a mad one there I’ll move on swiftly. The title track Reinstate the Hate is the epitome of a good thrash track. It’s chaotic, clamorous and one you can instantly imagine yourself getting caught up in a wave of man hair fragranced with Pantene, beer and sweat while watching it played live. There are some great solos on this E.P but you should check out the one at about 4.50 on Reinstate the Hate. While there’s a continual style to the E.P each track has its own quirks and contrasts. So, in other words the tracks don’t just bleed into each other in an unorganised fashion , its well put together. I can hear the words Reinstate the Hate becoming the mantra of many Thrash fans.

Corporate Defecation and War is Clear No More are two of the more intricate sounding tracks. They are both similarly speedy and lively. Corporate Defecation will give the listeners an opportunity to get a good glimpse of each band members’ talent – everyone is a bit more equally exposed on this one. War is Clear No More is speedier and packs some more aggression compared to other tracks. The drumming is especially in your face on War is Clear No More brings an incredible amount of stamina and vitality to the whole thing.

While Reinstate the Hate might not be reinventing the thrash metal wheel it is definitely not to be overlooked. While I did think that some of the tracks were slightly drawn out it’s easy to get passed once you get into it. It stands up to its contemporaries on the Irish scene at the moment and so by that standard alone Reinstate the Hate is important. The main point I want to get across is that, while there is no lacking in talent or ability, Reinstate the Hate is fun (you just have to listen to Pretty Fucked Pretty Quick to get confirmation of this). The delivery is great –  it’s not preachy, it’s in your face in all the right ways. Check ’em out at the links below.


Track Listing:

1.A Worthless Race

2. Reinstate the Hate

3. Pretty Fucked Pretty Quick

4. Corporation Defecation

5. War is Clear no More


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