Turisas interview with Mathias Nygård, 20 February 2014

@Planetmosh spoke to Mathias Nygård from @TurisasOfficial before the third UK show @corpsheffield as part of their We Ride Together European tour.


The announcement of a European tour brought five more UK dates, and as there was no London date I packed my bag and headed north to Sheffield and Corporation. (Well, it would have been rude not to.)  Smaller than their usual London haunts, I had only been to Corporation once before for a night out and I was genuinely interested to see the difference this venue and locals would bring to the experience.

Though I have always enjoyed the London shows I have to say that this for me was one of their better shows.  This is both to do with the difference in audience but also their choice of set list.  It was great to hear older songs being played and from where I was standing you could almost track which album people first listened to from the cheers for each song.

The crowd were determined to have a good time and from both sides of the stage there seemed to be a mutual understanding of really making the evening a bit of a party.

This is a good venue to watch bands as there’s more of a closeness that seems to break down the barriers and brings both sides more together.  The audience were definitely enjoying themselves and responded to the energy from the stage, which in turn seemed to feedback into the band’s performance.    I can say with certainty that though I will still go to future London shows, I will also be heading back up north as well.  Sometimes things really are a bit better up north.






Set List


  1. Ten More Miles
  2. Take the Day!
  3. To Holmgard and Beyond
  4. The Land of Hope and Glory
  5. Five Hundred and One
  6. For Your Own Good
  7. Battle Metal
  8. No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea
  9. Those Were the Days (Gene Raskin cover) (audience request, first verse only)
  10. We Ride Together
  11. Miklagard Overture


  1. Stand Up and Fight
  2. Rasputin (Boney M. cover)



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