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On 6 May 2015
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This is an excellent album from Triaxis and is highly recommended.

British band Triaxis are about to release their third album – Zero hour.  The album was recorded following a Pledgemusic campaign to raise the funds, and which reached its goal on the day the campaign launched – such is the support the band have from their fans.  The band’s first album “Keys to the kingdom” was good, and second album “Rage & Retribution” was even better, so can Triaxis continue this upward trend?  In short, yes they can – the new album is their best yet.

It’s an impressive piece of work in every respect.  Twelve tracks clock in with a running time of One hour and 12 minutes, which is pretty damn impressive since most albums are around 35-45 minutes long – in the old days of vinyl this would have no doubt have been a double album.  The shortest track is around 4 minutes long and the longest is well over 10 minutes.

Brief comments on a few songs…

The album is the band’s loudest and heaviest album yet – I can’t wait to hear some of these songs being played live.  The opening guitar part for the first song on the album, “Liberty” is superb and straight away you know you’re in for something good.  It’s a great song to start the album – fast and heavy.

From there the album carries on with top quality heavy metal tracks from beginning to end.  Great drumming, nice bass work and superb guitar playing mean superb music for Krissie Kirby to belt out her powerful vocals over.

“Lest we forget” is a slower quieter, more sombre song, particularly the intro, but it’s still definitely a metal song.  The lyrics are well worth listening to.  A great song.

The album ends with the title track, “Zero hour” which is over ten minutes long.  It’s well over two minutes into the song before the vocals kick in, but it’s well worth the wait.  It’s a long song but it never drags – it’s just a great song and an excellent way to end the album.

This is an excellent album from Triaxis and is highly recommended.

Triaxis will be playing the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock this year as well as touring regularly during the year.

“Zero hour” will be released on 18th May 2015 via Rocksector records

Track listing:

1. Liberty
2. Death machine
3. Ministry of truth
4. Terraform
5. Dying sun
6. Victorious
7. Stand your ground
8. Queen of the Iceni
9. End of time
10. Lest we forget
11. Voices
12. Zero hour

This is an excellent album from Triaxis and is highly recommended.

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