Tri Mebius – Promised sense & Blind Materials

Japanese band Tri Mebius come from Osaka and are a four piece band, having changed from having 5 members after their debut album was released.

“Promised sense” is the bands latest single (their second), released earlier this year, with “Blind materials” being their debut album released in September 2011.

Having listened to a lot of Japanese bands over the years (some good, some bad), I can recognise that Nao’s vocals have a very Japanese sound (ignoring the fact that she sings in Japanese) – people around the world tend to have quite varying tastes musically, and the vocals here are unlikely to win over a huge number of people in the UK, but are likely to go down far better in Japan.  Singing in Japanese does show that they are (understandably) focussing on the Japanese market – Japanese bands tend to switch to singing in English when they start to focus on the US and European markets (e.g. Vow Wow and Loudness).

Musically the band are pretty good – there are some really nice bits here, but overall there is a lack of originality that is limiting, but if you ignore the lack of originality then the album is ok – it’s never going to be rated as a great album, but as long as the vocals don’t put you off then its an album that you can happily listen to.

Rating: 5/10

Tri Mebius are:

Nao – Lead vocals
Masato – Guitar
Shuya – Bass
Kenta – Drums

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