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On 20 January 2019
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Great 80's thrash but a Portugese twist! For fans of Exodus/Slayer/Anthrax.

Portugese thrashers Toxik Attack release their debut full length LP on the last day of January. This follows EP ‘Thrash On Command’ which was released way back in 2016. Formed in 2012, they also released a demo in 2014.

As far as thrash goes, this is ok. But is it me or is there some sort of rule that states that Portugese thrash has to have an element of weirdness about it? Check out my recent review of Serrabulho here. Another Portugese thrash outfit that are, well, strange. In Toxik Attack’s case, it’s the lyrics.

Musically, this is pure 80’s underground thrash. Music that I listened to and loved, and indeed played myself back in the day. But I have an issue with Joao Dinis’ high pitched outbursts in opener ‘Thrash Maldicao’. It just doesn’t work for me and seems totally out of place with everything else that the song is trying to achieve. It’s worth pointing out also that the whole of this album is sang in Portugese.

The band as a whole are very tight and the album is produced very well. ‘Ceita Do Punhal’ demonstrates this. Very Exodus and a really good, fast track. ‘Loucos Pelo Old School’ is another galloping track but surprises me massively by fading out. This track would have benefited more from a normal ending.

‘O Sanguinario’ reminds me of early Metallica but again contains some strange high pitched wailing from Joao, but musically brilliant. ‘Morte Toxica’,’Detidos Pelo Metal’ and the haunting intro of ‘Pentagrama De Sangue’, which sees Joao’s lyrics really come to form, confirms to us that musically Toxik Attack are up there, and would make a great support for a major thrash act.

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Track Listing:

1 – Thrash Maldicao

2 – Ceita Do Punhal

3 – Loucos Pelo Old School

4 – Prazer Em Matar

5 – Assassinos Em Serie

6 – O Sanguinario

7 – Morte Toxica

8 – Detidos Pelo Metal

9 – Pentagrama De Sangue


Joao Dinis (Vocals) / Pedro Leite (Guitar) / Joao Araujo (Guitar) / Jose Rui (Bass) / Rui Alves (Drums)

Toxik Attack


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Great 80's thrash but a Portugese twist! For fans of Exodus/Slayer/Anthrax.

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