Tokyo Blade – Thousand Men Strong (CD)

I have formed the opinion that NWOBHM is having another golden age and this opinion is gaining strength when a band such as Tokyo Blade reforms with 80% of it’s original line up.

Imagine then if this band was to release an album which is equal in quality to the headbanging  tracks that they laid down in the 80’s. Well rejoice, coz that’s exactly what they have done.

Rolling out on 18th March 2011 is the raucous, full, ten track album entitled Thousand Men Strong.

The album starts off at a cracking pace with The Abyss and does not let up thru the second and title track Thousand Men Strong. Get ready with the neck collar when Lunch Case kicks in, an outstanding song thats gonna snap your neck.

Forged in Hells Fire is a suprising song which sounds like Saxon and Judas Priest in the same band. How good can that be?

No Conclusion , The Ambush, Killing Rays and Heading Down the Road are your mid album anthems giving you a very short amount of time to gasp for breath and sweep your hair outta your face.

Uptempo, here we go. If this album was a gig, I would close with exactly the last two tracks on this album. Condemned has all the hallmarks of a great concert song while the final song Night of the Blade surely must be the encore.

One thing I am sure of is that Thousand Men Strong does not disappoint. Buy this album first to start off your Tokyo Blade collection.


  1.  Black Abyss
  2. Thousand Men Strong
  3. Lunch Case
  4. Forged in Hells Fire
  5. No Conclusion
  6. The Ambush
  7. Killing Rays
  8. Heading Down the Road
  9. Condemned
  10. Night of the Blade

Rate 8/10

By Saxon

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