TNT -30th Anniversary 1982-2012 – Live in Concert” (Indie Recordings)

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On 15 October 2014
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A celebration of 30 years in the business and still capable of Pleasing an audience

tnt_30thanniversarycoverIn the music business making it to 30 years is to be admired and obviously something should be done to mark such a momentous occasion. TNT have put together a spectacular with an orchestra, some ex members and a cast of special guests to give the fans a one off celebration never to be forgotten. The results when committed to tape without the visual stimuli are somewhat less than overwhelming. Tony Harnell sang with the band during their most popular period so introducing the first singer against this mighty set of lungs is a damp squib. The highlights are the rockers from the “Tell no Tales” album – “As Far as the Eye Can See”, “10000 Lovers” and “Everyone’s a Star”. A series of guitar/ keyboard solos and a tribute to Harley Davidsons destroys the momentum in the first half of the album, the second half then never really gets a chance to fully recover. Even the appearance of Dee Snider and Tony Mills didn’t do anything to increase the excitement. The DVD is probably the best format for this one to put it into context. The mix of the live tracks sounds weird as there are multiple vocals but they just don’t sound well blended and the keyboards tend to outstrip the guitar at times. There is rawness to the album which indicates that it hasn’t been tampered with and gives a true record of the evening. I’m not sure this will serve as more than a nice memento of the evening to those in attendance. If you want to explore this band pick up “Tell no Tales” and “Intuition” for a true representation of this band.


Line – up

Tony Harnell –Vocals
Tony Mills – Vocals
Dag Ingebrigtsen – Vocals
Ronnie le Tekrø – Guitars
Victor Borge – Bass
Diesel Dahl – Drums


Fanfare for the common man
Invisible noise
As far as the eye can see
Downhill racer
Nothern lights
Tekrø solo
Magica lanterna
Sabre dance
Harley Davidson
My religion
Everyone’s a star
10.000 lovers (in one)
Seven seas

A celebration of 30 years in the business and still capable of Pleasing an audience

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