Tides From Nebula – Eternal Movement

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Tides From Nebula, from Poland, have composed 50-plus minutes of instrumental music “without vocals” for us to enjoy.

Eternal Movement‘s songs, mostly in the five-minute length range, tend to vacillate between channeling the high impact of rock with relaxed, mellow ambiance.

Unlike instrumental guitar music which emphasizes solo bursts, this presents a ‘full band’ or ‘whole song’ scenario.

This is soaring, sweeping, atmospheric music for those moments where you need a break from jangled, harsh, hectic everyday life.

Beautifully composed, artful, smooth compositions in their own right, the songs blend nicely together to create a cohesive, ‘rough silk’ tone and feel.


Track Listing:
Laughter of Gods
Only With Presence
Emptiness of Yours and Mine
Hollow Lights
Now Run
Let it Out, Let it Flow, Let it Fly
Up From Eden

Band Lineup:
Adam Waleszynski – guitar
Maciej Karbowski – guitar, keys, piano
Przemek Weglowski – bass guitar
Tomasz Stolowski – drums

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