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1375888_10151877573114349_1655061579_nHailing from the Midlands, Thunderous Jones formed in 2009 and went through various line-up changes before finally settling on their current roster early last year.  They are: Liam Coffey – Vocals, Tay Lakin – Bass, Mike Wroe – Guitars, Mark Eyden – Guitars and Lauren ‘The Captain’ Greaves – Drums.

It’s been an interesting and busy time for them since they released their eponymous debut EP in July 2013.  Without a record company backing them the band recorded the four track EP themselves. They have recently added Filthy McNasty (Live at MARS) as track five.  This was recorded completely live at Melbourne Assembly Rooms in Derbyshire in late 2013.  Things are now moving forward for the band, having recently signed to Sound Hub Records and with debut single Dog in the Window due to be released on iTunes in the near future.

The changes in line-up seem to have been a good thing as the band now works as a cohesive unit, writing all of their songs together.  Vocalist Liam is responsible for the lyrics but putting a song together is very much a band effort. When you put out an EP you have only a few songs to let listeners know what you’re about and this one does just that.  After one listen you can tell Thunderous Jones mean business.  It’s very well produced for something that was put together in an empty warehouse in three hours!  Opening track Nine Lives is one of the more rocky tracks, but it’s followed by what I think is the highlight of the EP, Whispers and Joy.  It’s the band in a nutshell.  It’s rocky and bluesy, with hints of Rival Sons and a very healthy dose of Only by the Night era Kings of Leon.  It’s a throbbing, sexy song, and the extra huskiness vocalist Liam adds to his voice suits it very well.  Rear View Love is rockier again, with a pulsing riff that picks you up and carries you through the song.  Unchained is more bluesy again, and as an end to the original EP it shows off some great guitar work, showcasing the bands talents.  Filthy McNasty is very well produced for a live recording, with the sound just as good as the rest of the EP.  A segue into that rock classic, possibly the most covered of all rock songs, Albert King’s The Hunter shows off Liam’s voice, and the power he has behind it.  For a debut piece of work, this is a very good start indeed.

So, with a single coming soon, and a new record contract in their back pocket an album can’t be far behind.  I really look forward to hearing it.  Remember the name, Thunderous Jones.  You heard it here first!
Track Listing: Nine Lives/Whispers and Joy/Rear View Love/Unchained/Filthy McNasty (Live @ MARS)

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