Three Hour Ceasefire – ‘Cry Havoc’ EP

Located in Ireland’s mid-west, the city of Limerick has endured more than its fair share of economic hardship as a result of the collapse of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ in recent years – a situation that has had the simultaneous effect of breeding an invigorated and angry underground music scene, as epitomized by the annual ‘Siege Of Limerick’ metalfest and bands such as Three Hour Ceasefire.

Having spent the best part of more than three years honing their sound, THC have finally unleashed their long-awaited debut EP – and, in the process proved (once again) that metal knows no boundaries by issuing it via the fast-rising Belfast label, Savour Your Scene. And ‘unleashed’ is an apt description of this release, as it literally does just that – ripping from the speakers in a furious assault of brutal death/thrash metal with a huge hardcore edge to it.

The musical performances are all extremely confident: the rhythm section of A.L. and K.C. are tighter than a nun’s crack and hit harder than a Christian Brother chastising an errant pupil for their incorrect Latin declensions, while M.M’s riffs and solos both deliver with the ferocity of a thermo-nuclear strike. Add in D.C’s brutally vicious, snarling vocal, and THC have a frontman more than capable of standing toe-to-toe with the best around (and, don’t forget, he’s Irish, so he’d probably win any straight-up face-off).

Some of the song structures are a bit predictable in places, but this is a debut effort, after all, and it all points towards a promising future from yet another band who are proving that the island of Ireland (as a whole) could be on the verge of becoming an irresistible force in the metal universe.

A well-deserved 8/10

Track list:
1. Time Of The Empty Throne
2. Behold, Rejoice
3. Trial Of Wounds
4. When Prophecy Fails
5. Trench Knife
6. Fall Under Foot

‘Cry Havoc’ is available now from Savour Your Scene Records:

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