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Those Damn Crows

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On 3 December 2018
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Buy this stunning debut album to find out why everyone is raven on about Those Damn Crows.

Once in a while an album comes out to reaffirm that rock is not dead (so that’s a big middle finger in the air to Billy Corgan and Gene Simmons) as Bridgend based Those Damn Crows do it with ease on the release of their debut Murder And The Motive.

They were a new band to me when seeing them play as main support to Massive Wagons a few weeks ago and they gave the headliners a very hard act to follow with a set of infectious songs including two stone cold classics written so early in their career. As a band you can’t go far wrong releasing on Earache Records, recording at the legendary Rockfield Studios and that vibe channels into these ten ballbusting tracks. Opener ‘Don’t Give A Damn’ sprints straight out of the starting blocks with abrasive riffing and more hooks than a fishing tackle shop!

‘Blink Of An Eye’, the first of the two aforementioned classics will surely elevate them to rock radio playlists if there is any justice. Slow burning verses, sparse chords and snappy snares are blown away by a chorus that will never leave your head. It really is that good and is definitely their ‘Smoke On The Water’, ‘Paranoid’, ‘Stairway To Heaven’ etc in the making. Other highlights include the naggingly array of riffing of ‘Someone Someday’ that you know will lead to another huge chorus which it certainly does.

Classic number two is ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Dead’, an anthem in the making for sure. “Whoa oh oh’s” are always a must and we get them from the off as lead vocalist Shane Greenhall belts out his lyrics with aplomb as the subject matter has to be sung loud and proud and the icing on the cake are the chants of “Who said rock ‘n’ roll is dead?” barked out over a full band backed assault to the senses! ‘Say It’ is a strong contender for song of the album as the total conviction in the vocals vie for attention with the headbanging choruses.

The insistent riffing in ‘The Fighter’ captures the mood of the title perfectly as the full on slammer ‘Breakaway’ takes no prisoners. ‘Fear Of The Broken’ ends the album in style with Wildhearts influences in the guitars of Ian Thomas and David Winchurch.  You can catch Those Damn Crows when they tour with Stone Broken in February 2019.


Those Damn CrowsAlbum track listing :-

Don’t Give A Damn.

Blink Of An Eye.

Someone Someday.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Ain’t Dead’.

Behind These Walls.

Say It.

Seven Days.

The Fighter.


Fear Of The Broken.


Those Damn Crows band line up :-

Shane Greenhall – Lead vocals.

Ronnie Huxford – Drums.

Ian Thomas – Guitar.

Lloyd Wood – Bass guitar.

David Winchurch – Guitar.


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Those Damn Crows
Buy this stunning debut album to find out why everyone is raven on about Those Damn Crows.

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