Thirteenth Sign – The Ashes Of A Treacherous Silence

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Thirteenth Sign

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On 2 October 2020
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Release date: 02/10/20.
Running length: 70mins 54secs.
Superb concept album oozing depth and emotions.

They’ve been around a while have these guys. Since 2006 in fact, when their first EP ‘Oracles Of Armargeddon ‘ announced itself. One EP and three full length albums since that debut release, comes latest offering ‘The Ashes Of A Treacherous Silence ‘.

Inspired by Queensryche‘s classic concept album ‘Operation Mindcrime ‘, the album oozes similarities in both concept and material, and lyrically based upon true stories of some of Britain’s most notorious serial killers, delving deep into their minds, trying to understand what leads them to commit such horrific crimes.

If that’s not enough to entice you, the tracks themselves are pure class. You have that mixture of both melodic and screamed vocals with the constant Melodic Death / Thrash Metal to support them. Opener ‘The Bond Of Wicked Blood ‘ gives us a great start to the album with nice speed changes.

Impulse Control ‘ takes us to another level. This is an angry, angry track that holds it’s own through speed changes and stop/start riffing.

There’s lots if influences knocking around on this album. Obviously Queensryche, but I can hear Maiden, Slayer, Exodus, Metallica and many others….all rolled in to one. Take ‘Locked In A Deadly Embrace ‘ for example. It’s eerie start is parallel with ‘Wherever I May Roam ‘, but chorus-wise there’s an Alice In Chains vibe vocally. Really nice stuff.

Powerhouse and seven minute epic ‘Walls Of Jericho ‘ displays the band ability to adapt both musically and vocally as we enter what I believe is the best track on offer here. Haunting female vocals ignite this track into life and what it morphs into is something special. The passion, intensity, depth, feeling and creativity within this track is something beautiful indeed.

Leach ‘ reminds me of Annihilator‘s ‘Alice In Hell ‘, and ‘Ashes For Eternity’s ‘ haunting beginning is something else in that it captures not only the moment and mood, but transports you to another frightening world.

The Scars Of Betrayal ‘ closes this immense album. Check out the speed changing riff a minute so in. The chorus here , as daft as it sounds is an album closer in itself as it has the perfect ingredients to do so. Feelings and emotions together with some nice guitar work bring the album to an end.

If you need to hear a new album this week, this is it. Check out the video link above for ‘Electric Hammer ‘. You won’t be disappointed. Lovely.



Release date: 02/10/20. Running length: 70mins 54secs. Superb concept album oozing depth and emotions.

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