Theories Divide – M2TM Ireland finalist 2015 – Interview

The only returning finalist from last year, Theories Divide, are back with a reinvigorated lineup and ready to kick ass once again at Metal 2 The Masses Ireland. We caught up with 6 stringer Leigh Ferguson and fired a few questions his way ahead of the main event.

Garreth Graham

Congratulations on reaching the Final of Metal 2 The Masses. Personally, I feel that everyone in the final is a winner but if you were to be chosen to represent Ireland at Bloodstock, what would it mean to Theories Divide.

Leigh: All our hard work is starting to pay off and we’d be delighted to have the honour of showing the world what irish heavy metal has to offer.

How has the overall M2TM experience been this year for your band?

Leigh: Despite some internal turmoil the competition has been such a rush. We found that the competition has been really well organized, well run, and the experience to play with and watch the other bands has been spectacular. The support in the scene is awe inspiring!

What would you say to bands thinking about applying for next year’s competition?

Leigh: We would say be as professional as possible its a serious opportunity that can take you above and beyond. Show everyone what your band is all about!

Has there been a memorable moment that stands out in your mind at the shows to date?

Leigh: Its a toss up between watching the best bands in Ireland put everything into their performance and seeing the crowd react to us when we do the same. Its something to be proud of.

In 5 words, describe what we can expect from you at the final.


If you could pick one song from your arsenal to let the uninitiated hear what your band is all about, what would it be?

Leigh: Reborn!!! Its catchy and it represents who we are. A lot of people have wanted to hear it at our gigs ever since we released it as a single for free download on bandcamp, spotify, youtube etc. and that’s pretty fucking cool!

See Theories Divide at the Metal 2 The Masses Final on May 9th – Check Event Page for details below:

Theories Divide:

Garreth Quinn

Garrett Muldowney

Leigh Ferguson

Cian O’Rian



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