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On 31 July 2018
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Theia come of age with ease as The Ghost Light shines bright.

Burton Upon Trent based Theia have shown great promise with the studio album releases of Back In Line and Take The Pill but it has been fulfilled by the latest opus The Ghost Light.

Out now on WDFD Records with eye catching artwork from Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art they seem to have found a new heaviness to their song writing point proven by the ear wax clearing main riff in opener ‘What You Want’. It sets the stall out for the rest of the album and grooves with a sleazy churn that is so dirty you will need to take a shower after it finishes! The spirit of Malcolm Young is felt by the power chords that demand to be played on eleven during ‘Mask Of The Day’.

‘Dirty Livin’ is all foot tapping bar room boogie tempos that chug along to a ‘Love Gun’ like outro with a tasty wah wah solo. The Southern rock tinged ‘The Revelator’ heavies up when the ZZ Top laced riffs kick in as a lonesome harmonica makes its presence shown and a brass section midway will have you lacing up your dancing shoes. The slow burning power balladry of ‘Over The City’ adds strings to their already full bow as it hits greater heights with a bluesy guitar solo midway.

‘Bring It Down’ begins with sparse riffing and a menacing lead vocal from Kyle Lamley that intensify as the song beefs up midway. The title track pounds along like Ministry in their prime with some seriously seismic riffing that segues into the grinding ‘No Crisis’ featuring some jaw dropping guitar histrionics. The bouncy power pop of ‘Children Of Change’ adds a lighter edge to the guitar heavy outro.

Another KISS vibe arises in the main riff during album closer ‘Throw Me A Bone’ that hits hard like ‘Cold Gin’. The production seems very stripped back played through headphones and is my strongest track on The Ghost Light.

Theia - The Ghost LightThe Ghost Light album track listing :-

What You Want.

Mask Of The Day.

Dirty Livin.

The Revelator.

Over The City.

Bring It Down.

The Ghost Light.

No Crisis.

Children Of Change.

Throw Me A Bone.


Theia come of age with ease as The Ghost Light shines bright.

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