The wake of man – The wake of man EP

the wake of man - the wake of man ep‘The wake of man’ is the self titled debut EP from Melodic rock band ‘The wake of man’.  Having said that, listening to the EP I wouldnt describe them as “melodic rock” – that conjures up images of a much softer music, more like Foreigner, whereas The wake of man are heavier than your typical melodic rock band, and really fall into the straightforward ‘Rock’ category.
The twin guitar sound gives the music a good heavy basis, and the drums and bass reinforce that.  The vocals are fairly high pitched – a style I’m not really a fan of, but that’s just personal taste.  The songs are well written and this seven track EP sounds very good.

The EP is available now, and is also available to download free of charge from the band’s website –

It’s definitely worth downloading for a listen, and if you like what you hear then you can always buy a CD of it to support the band

Rating: 6/10

Track listing:

1. The course of perseverance
2. Policy of hypocrisy
3. An act, a phase
4. We are both, we are neither (the light)
5. Where we came from
6. The outcome I despise
7. I can still see your face

THe wake of man are:

Darin Watson – Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Casey Hollyfield- Guitar
Airik Denton – Bass
Jordan Pipka – Drums, Percussion

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