The Texas Flood, Worth The Whisky, EP

Well I started to play this EP by The Texas Flood and thought I’d got my wires crossed here somewhere! Just for a few seconds I believed I’d been given the wrong CD and was listening to a possible new album by an American rock group who’d come to take the U.K. by force.

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Photograph By Permission Of Magic Candle Photography.

  But no!! This is in fact three very young guy’s from Neath, Port Talbot. They’re living in what I,m now going to call the Aberdare triangle! It seems just recently that this triangle which is from Cardiff goes up to Brecon, then back down to Swansea and returns to Cardiff. It’s a melting pot of brilliant rock talent! It’s incredible that this trio have not been heard of more in the wider rock world!!! An amazing sound, that should be heard by the masses. Quite well known in their home town and up and down the West country’s rock venues, I personally think it’s time they made their way a little more East, South, North and over to Ireland so we can all appreciate their endeavors too.

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Tom Sawyer. Photography By Nigel Bradford


Tom Williams ( Drums ), Tom (Sawyer) Bradford (guitar and vox ) and Ben Govier (Bass ) have put together a great piece of work on this four track EP. From the first song to the last one, I was rockin around my living room like a loony to the sounds of ‘Barking Like An Underdog‘, ‘Holding My Own‘, ‘Living On The Edge‘ and ‘Worth The Whisky‘. To coin a phrase, pretty much riff-tastic “pop pickers, not arrff !” If they don’t get your foot tapping almost straight away, I,m sure you’ll be buzzing by the last track and playing the EP over again.  



“She, ain’t” ‘Worth The Whiskey‘! The whole song is a hammering rock hard track which sounds great with plenty of drum and bass action and with some brilliant lead guitar work at the mid way point. Worthy of being a stand alone single, the gut rawness of this track as got to make your ‘Rocker’s’ soul soar and beg for more!


Ben Govier. Photography By Nigel Bradford






Barking Like An Underdog‘. An absolute classic midway rock n roll track. A real crowd pleaser with Tom’s voice sounding like a veteran singer who could have fronted many a well known band, he then goes on to play some amazing riff’s on the lead guitar. I loved the entire EP, but the best accolade by far came from my wife, ( who’s not rock n roll )! If it get’s her feet tapping, it must be good!!!

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Tom Williams, Photography By Nigel Bradford


Barking Like An Underdog

Holding My Own

Living On The Edge

Worth The Whiskey

Band Members……….

Tom Williams

Tom Bradford

Ben Govier

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Photographs By Andrew Mitchell and Damien Rosser

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