The Temperance Movement – Glasgow, Oran Mor – 18/09/2013

For this live review I would like to say first of all, I missed support act Samuel Taylor due to doing an interview with The Temperance Movement during his set. Sorry Sam, but for the record a few days later I did manage to catch Sam at the Newcastle gig, and he is a very likeable, accomplished singer/songwriter. I can’t recall the name of the songs in the set then but Sam braved a new one not yet heard before, which I thought was outstanding and one of the highlights for me. Cheers Sam.

The first 3 songs performed by The Temperance Movement had me taking photographs, and for the main I was concentrating more on what I was shooting, than listening to the music. The band walks on stage casually dressed, some with hats but for vocalist Phil Campbell, complete with what could only be described as a white/cream fur like coat and sunglasses with his trademark hat. A classic seventies image it must be said, minus the flares!

The band open things up with one of their rockier numbers and latest single “Midnight Black” from IMG_0023the new album. Phil could easily whip up the crowd, and I could tell without turning around it didn’t take long to get the crowd or the band warmed up. The first three songs were some of the newer, less known tracks from the bands first album, but had the place rocking and moving with their catchy upbeat grooves and melodies. If you have never heard or seen The Temperance Movement live before, the best way for me to describe their sound is that I get The rolling Stones Rock and Roll meets The Black Crowes Southern Blues mixed with a dash of The Commitments Soul!
It wasn’t until the fourth song “Smouldering” kicked in that the paced slowed a little, and the intimacy could be felt in the fully packed Oran Mor venue. This was a home show for vocalist Phil Campbell and I’m sure Phil was pumped up for it, if slightly nervous too as I heard some of his family and friends were there. This crowd were up for it, and lapping up every moment from one of Glasgow’s own. The band themselves were so tight throughout the night, and went about their business with ease while the charismatic Phil Campbell danced his jigs and swaggered on stage. The Oran Mor was owned by Phil for the night.
The tempo picked up again for “Be Lucky” and the song “Know For Sure”, which is a favourite of mine from the album and really great live. Phil dedicated the song to the bands influences and it is one where the Oran Mor crowd could sing in voice to the woahawhoa’s. This was a lot of fun.

Phil picks up his guitar for the song Lovers and Fighters. When you IMG_0044see and hear this being played live you can tell it’s a Phil Campbell song. This reminding me of times when I saw Phil on his own years ago, but this time complete with a band with that Southern Country Blues style, and guitarist Paul Sayer switching to the lap pedal Slide Guitar. It is a fantastic song to see being performed.
The Temperance Movement end with a trio of songs originally featured on their “Pride” EP which did go down a storm. In particular you could hear everyone singing along to “Only Friend” during the chorus, and the place bouncing around to “Ain’t No Telling”. This left the Glasgow faithful shouting the band to come back for more once they had left the stage.
The band shortly return to perform another crowd favourite “Chinese Lanterns”, with Phil asking for quietness to allow them to perform without the amplification for the first section of the song. The venue was just small enough to get away with it, though you still could hear the odd murmur or people talking in the background at the sides of the venue, and one or two idiots shouting out. This still worked well and the band ends the encore with anotherIMG_0073 slow intimate song “Serenity”. Phil thanks everyone and advises that after collapsing at the end of the set, the band will hang out at the back by the bar along with legendary RealXS radio rock DJ Tom Russell, who also showed up to see the lads tonight!

The night went extremely well from my point of view, with a lot of happy faces leaving the venue and walking around. Ever since I have gone to see these guys they never disappoint. They are a true old school live rock and roll band who do always try to improve and up the game, and it is progressively getting bigger and bigger each time. The fan base is getting bigger. The venues are getting bigger. Pretty soon it will be pretty difficult to get away with doing Chinese Lanterns completely unplugged and raw! The Temperance Movement are smart. The Temperance Movement are doing things right. Last year it was Rival Sons who many people were talking about and were making a huge impact not only on me, but a lot of people I know. In the same way The Temperance Movement are following suit, coincidently signing to the same record label as Rival Sons. Next stop America and the rest of the world? I wouldn’t put it past them judging by their live performances. These guys are the real deal and deserve a spot up there with the best of them!

Set List
1. Midnight Black
2. Morning Riders
3. Take It Back
4. Smouldering
5. Be Lucky
6. Know For Sure
7. Lovers and Fighters
8. Don’t Call It
9. Only Friend
10. Pride
11. Ain’t No Telling
12. Chinese Lanterns
13. Serenity

The Temperance Movement are:
Phil Campbell – Vocals
Nick Fyffe – Bass
Luke Potashnick – Guitars
Paul Sayer – Guitars
Damon Wilson – Drums

Please Visit The Temperance Movement at:

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