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On 30 September 2018
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Bombs bombs, bombs away on November 5th!

When your live show is like four of the Inbetweeners necking a ruck of Monster drinks before going onstage to let all hell break loose, it must be a daunting task for The Senton Bombs to capture that vibe in the studio but with forthcoming studio album release Outsiders on Regolith Records, they are not far from it!

The title track and current single stomps along like water torture on the forehead (but in a good way of course). Grinding riffs make for a gripping start and they even throw a few cheesy “Nah nah nahs” in for good measure. Prominent bass guitar lines in ‘Who We Are’ give it a Stranglers feel with adrenaline rushes of riffs backing Joey Class’ croon. The four minute rager ‘Violet Black’ screams “Punks not dead” from the rooftops, or from the Bombs case, Blackpool Tower!

‘I Am Ablaze’ sees the Bombs go headlong into hardcore territory as they bash the shit out of their instruments, especially lead guitarist Johnny Gibbons who shreds his fretboard to pieces. My album highlight ‘Reckless Youth’ captures Joeys teenage years with some personal lyrics, examples of which are ” The sun goes down, the stars are in the sky, a quarter in our pockets make sure we got high” and “Back in Damien’s garage, jamming in the trash, a few months later we were opening at the Tache”.

Yeehaw! It’s time for the Bombs to put the c**t in country and western as they saddle up their melodies to breeze along through the verses featuring snappy snare work from Scott Mason with Joey coming all over like Waylon Jennings throughout ‘Bury The Hatchet’. They put the power into the power balladry of ‘Remind Me Of The Moon’ that contains some very poignant lyrics. Riffs slam with Therapy like angst in ‘Dead Revolution’ around a powerful lead vocal. ‘Video’ is sugar sweet power pop akin to listening to it with a mouthful of wine gums.

Joey provides a Roger Chapman like vocal twang for ‘Under Offer’ backed by foot tapping musical rhythms which leads us to final number ‘Wake The Maker’ that eases along on a wave of indie guitar lines over catchy grooves and an almost whispered vocal.

Senton Bombs - The OutsidersOutsiders album track listing :-


Who We Are.

Violet Black.

I Am Ablaze.

Reckless Youth.

Bury The Hatchet.

‘Remind Me Of The Moon.

‘Dead Revolution’.


‘Under Offer’.

‘Wake The Maker’.

The Senton Bombs band line up :-

Joey Class – Lead vocals/bass guitar.

Damian Kage – Guitar/backing vocals.

Johnny Gibbons – Lead guitar/backing vocals.

Scott Mason – Drums.

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Bombs bombs, bombs away on November 5th!

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