THE PROPHECY23 ‘Green Machine Laser Beam’ cd review.

This thumping album marks the German quartets second full length release for Massacre Records and the follow up to 2010’s debut ‘To The Pit’, and what a powerhouse of a record it is.
The opener’s ‘Tough, Cool And Here To Mosh’ title say’s it all really, the music coming straight out of a Starship Troopers propaganda film, leading into first song proper ’Ice Road Trucker vs. The Sun’ which pummels you into submission.
The band have forged an enviable balance of old school Thrash, a la Testament, Exodus etc with a large slice of Suicidal Tendencies hardcore and some Death Metal vocals to die for (if you see what I mean).
Tracks such as ’We Are The Pit Police’ and ’Don’t Waste Time-Get Wasted(now)’ would be guaranteed to get any circle pit going, even if you were sat on your own at home! All delivered with sufficient tongue in cheek humor to keep the whole album sounding fresh, energetic and very, very heavy.
The band earned a slot at Wacken 2011, and on the strength of this release, they’ll be back there damn quick. A fine record from a bunch of guys that deserve a hell of a lot of credit for releasing one of Thrash Metal’s albums of the year.

Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;
1. Tough, Cool And Here To Mosh.
2. Ice Road Trucker vs. The Sun.
3. Don’t Step Back.
4. Beyond The Purple Pipes.
5. Green Machine Laser Beam.
6. Sergeant P Of The 23.
7. We Are The Pit Police.
8. Wake Me Up For Lunch.
9. Honor To Whom Honor Is Due.
10. Captain Quick And The Pirates.
11. Call Your Friends To Hang Out.
12. Don’t Waste Time-Get Wasted (Now).
13. No Beer-What A Mess.
14. No Followers – No Leaders.
15. Princess Of Gorleben.
16. Guts. Gore. Reactor. Core.

The Prophecy23 are;

Dennis Lidak – Guitar.
Florian Sanden – Drums.
Hannes Klopprogge – Thrash Vocals, Guitar.
Mario Macaroni – Bass.
Philipp Heckel – Death Vocals.

Out now via Massacre Records.

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