The Lidocaine – On the road to Miero

the lidocaine - on the road to MieroThe Lidocaine is a rock/metal band from Finland.  The band formed in 2007 and in 2009 released their debut album, “Voices and noises of Kiling Koling”.  In 2011 they started work on their second album,  “On the road to Miero” which has just been released in February 2013.

Brief comments on a few tracks…

The album kicks off with a nice guitar riff at the start of “Life is beautiful”.  It’s a good hard rock song with plenty of guitar and some good vocals.  The end of the song is a bit odd – the pace steps up to breakeck speed and the vocals change to screaming style metal vocals – it just feels slightly out of place, but not excessively so.

“Bring back the pain” is probably my favourite track on the album.  I just love the tune.  The vocals have a slightly crazy feel to them and that works brilliantly.

The album is packed full of good heavy hard rock tracks.  The guitars are nice and prominent in the mix and have a really heavy feel and that plus some great tunes is what gives the album it’s core sound.

A great album – well worth a listen.

Rating: 8/10

“On the road to Miero” is out now.

Track listing;

1. Life is beautiful
2. Personally sick skin
3. Bring back the pain
4. The tall
5. Guilty
6. Reach
7. On the road to Miero
8. Disgust
9. Save me from myself
10. Wrong
11. Saving wing

The Lidocaine are:

Anthony Rausku – Vocals & Guitar
Eroz – Vocals & Guitar
Jari Vanhanen – Drums
Jura Sarlin – Bass

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