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The Hellacopters

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On 16 April 2022
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Get your rotors running and strap yourselves in for Eyes Of Oblivion, the recently released studio album from The Hellacopters!

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April 1st 2022 was no April Fools Joke day for Swedish rockers The Hellacopters as they unleashed their eighth studio album Eyes Of Oblivion via Nuclear Blast Records. Formed in Stockholm 1994 these ten tracks kick out the jams with aplomb, point proven by opening number ‘Reap A Hurricane’. It rages in on howling feedback and the riffs throw you into this musical hurricane. A raucous guitar battery bash and crash add muscle to the catchy choruses, howled vocals and piano stabs.

An Amboy Dukes vibe comes from ‘Can It Wait’ mainly due to the gnarly riffs and solos like Ted Nugent in his prime.

They pour out the heartache throughout ‘So Sorry I Could Die’ to match the songs title on a bluesy shuffle and pleading lead vocal until a few bars of a ‘Dazed And Confused’ like riff precedes twin lead guitar madness to melt your ears!

‘Eyes Of Oblivion’ begins with an attention seeking main riff that drives this turbocharger along until sugar sweet vocals turns this song right around for a guitar solo ridden outro.

‘A Plow And A Doctor’ is a 24 carat rock and roll rebel of bruising riffs that snap at your ears and piano stabs give it a barroom boogie tinge.

‘Positively Not Knowing’ has a main riff so dirty it should come with a government health warning that snarls over an over the top vocal.

‘Tin Foil Soldier’ is a raunchy party starter and finisher courtesy of a smile inducing lead vocal and choruses to melt your heart.

‘Beguiled’ is all about the drums as they romp and stomp to steal the spotlight in this hairy headbanger.

To these ears ‘The Pressure’s On’ has a spaghetti western vibe as it shoots from the hip with cocked and loaded guitar lines.

The album closes heavily from the surefire slammer of ‘Try Me Tonight’, all body blow bruising riffing, wickedly snarled vocals and the band lock in tight for a full blooded outro!

The album is available on the following formats :-

Vinyl LP.

2XCD Box including 4 bonus tracks.

CD Jewelcase.

Digital album.

Eyes Of Oblivion album track listing :-

Reap A Hurricane.

Can It Wait.

So Sorry I Could Die.

Eyes Of Oblivion.

A Plow And A Doctor.

Positively Not Knowing.

Tin Foil Soldier.


The Pressure’s On.

Try Me Tonight.

The Hellacopters band line up :-

Robert Erickson – Drums.

Dregen – Guitar.

Anders Lindstrom – Keyboards.

Dolf De Borst – Bass Guitar.

Nicke Andersson – Guitar/Lead Vocals.

Get your rotors running and strap yourselves in for Eyes Of Oblivion, the recently released studio album from The Hellacopters!

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