THE FORSAKEN ‘Beyond Redemption’ cd review.

Although this heralds the bands fourth full length release, it marks the first in some nine long years. 2003’s epic ‘Traces Of The Past’ looked at one point as if it was to become the bands swansong, an album which I still dig out on a regular basis, and which was surely one of the most underrated albums of the period.
Thankfully the band managed to legally part ways with long term label Century Media, and despite the loss of founding member Stefan Holm, secured a deal with Massacre Records, and found a more than suitable replacement in the form of ex Feared Creation / Deranged member Calle Faldt, who it’s fair to say breathed some much needed fresh blood, energy and ideas into the band.
And so to the present day, and the release of ‘Beyond Redemption’, an album which you might say represents a rebirth and re invigoration of the band, and boy does it show.
The opening title track wastes no time at all in making a statement of intent, full on classic Death Metal played at a brutal but masterfully controlled pace a la Bloodbath. The craft of creating and producing a good Death album however is in being able to change and vary pace and tempo, and not just race through at breakneck speed in a monotonous drone. The Forsaken manage to tick the boxes with a big fat pencil with this release, tracks like ‘There Is No God’ for example has more twists and turns than Silverstone, ‘As We Burn’ with it’s more Thrash leanings, ‘Reap As We Have Sown’ with a killer solo, the list goes on, all powered by some superb drumming from Nicke Grabowski.
In short this album is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best Death Metal releases you’re likely to get your grubby little mitts on this year, so go out and grab.

Rating 9/10.

Track Listing;
1. Beyond Redemption.
2. Only Hell Remains.
3. Foul Messianic Grace.
4. No Dawn Awaits.
5. There Is No God.
6. As We Burn.
7. Reap As We Have Sown.
8. The Light Divine.
9. Force Fed Repentance.
10. Blessed With Wrath.

The Forsaken are;
Patrik Persson – Guitars and Backing Vocals.
Anders Sjoholm – Vocals.
Stefan Berg – Bass.
Nicke Grabowski – Drums.
Calle Faldt – Guitars and Backing Vocals.

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