THE FALLOUT – “The Fallout”

Manchester’s four piece purveyors of Hard Rock and Metal launch their debut album upon the masses, and what a totally delightful triumph it turns out to be.
10 tracks of pure sweaty, foot tapping Rock played with a serious degree of talent.
My first experience of the band was watching them perform live as a support act, having never heard of them before I had no idea what to expect but they really impressed me that night, and thus I’ve kept a close eye on their development. Therefore I’m so pleased to be able to say that the band have really nailed it with this release.
From the opener “Fallout” the band hit the ground running ,churning out their own refreshingly unique Rock/Funk/Infectious Groove laden sound. The excellent “Delirious” with it’s The Automatic vibe is another ‘get up and dance’ masterpiece, followed swiftly by the swimmingly beautiful and mesmeric “Soar On”. Josh Stokes possesses one of the great Rock voices, bathed in 70’s retro mixed with bang up to date soul, it really is a joy to listen to. Backed by John Clapper on guitar, Nic Southwood on bass, and hitting the skins, Alex Lacey, the band gel superbly well, no more so than on “Turn The Page”, a classic Zeppelinesque composition.
If tracks like “Found My Way” are anything to go by, the boys will soon be grabbing a lot of peoples attention, pure unadulterated Rock played in the way it always should be played, brimming with passion and feeling.
Yes, the production could possibly be a little more ’polished’ but hey, you get to hear the band in the raw as it were, although it will be interesting to see how the band sound with a more ’full blown’ production.
If you’re a fan of true and honest Hard Rock, then you will love this album. Have a look at the vid at the bottom of this feature for an insight into one of the best things to come out of the Manchester music scene for quite some time.


Rating 8.5/10.

Track Listing;

1. Fallout.
2. We Are The Forgotten.
3. Charlie Sheen.
4. Delirious.
5. Soar On.
6. Turn The Page.
7. Found My Way.
8. Reborn.
9. Species.
10. Not Guilty.

The Fallout are;

Josh Stokes – Vocals and Guitar.
John Clapper – Guitar.
Nic Southwood – Bass Guitar.
Alex Lacey – Drums.




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