The Cadillac Three, The Garage Glasgow, 30/01/16

Saturday night saw the arrival of the Night Life Religion tour, with Whiskey Myers and The Cadillac Three bringing a taste of the South to a freezing cold Glasgow.  I had the opportunity to chat to Whiskey Myers’ lead singer Cody Cannon before the show and you can listen to the interview here.

Whiskey Myers

The sold out venue was already full when Whiskey Myers took to the stage and they clearly have a lot of fans here as they got the best reception I’ve seen for a support band in a long time.  Cody told me in the interview that as this is their first time in the UK, they had noted that it’s been a while since they played in front of people who weren’t singing along to their songs.  He didn’t have that problem in Glasgow as the crowd sang along throughout and raised the roof after every track.  Their brand of country rock makes it impossible not to dance and although the crowd varied from young to old and everything in between there wasn’t a single pair of feet not tapping away to the music.  The band are aiming for some headline shows in the UK this summer and I for one will look forward to seeing them again.

Shortly afterwards Jaren, Kelby and Neil took to the stage to roars.  It’s less than a year since The Cadillac Three were here but they are so popular and so well

The Cadillac Three

received every time.  With a new album on its way the set consisted mainly of well known and loved tracks from Tennessee Mojo and the Peace Love and Dixie EP, but we were also treated to a few new songs as well, not least new single Graffiti.  All the old favourites were on show, including Back it Up, Whiskey Soaked Redemption and Life (“I wrote it about my wife, which rhymes with life”) and one of the best singalong songs you’ll ever hear, White Lightning.  I have never in my life seen so many drinks being brought onto a stage, as a constant flow was ferried from backstage.  Once or twice Jaren strapped on the wrong guitar only to have to change when he realised, causing him to comment on the fact he’d been drinking.

The Cadillac Three

If I’d had half what they were putting away I’d have been falling down drunk but it only seemed to make them play harder.  You’ll go a long way to find a happier drummer than Neil Mason, who has a massive smile on his face throughout the set, as Kelby yells to him from his stool and Jaren prowls the stage, pumping his fist in glee as the crowd get more and more into the show.  They said once or twice they were finishing only to keep on playing as the crowd refused to let them go and they seemed to be enjoying themselves just as much.  As the venue reached curfew time and it really was time to go they finished up with a rousing rendition of The South and sent the crowd out into the bitter Glasgow night feeling a nice warm Tennessee glow.


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